WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Love of nature)

window-on-new-world-love-of-natureGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about one more quality of the third dimension humans that will help them get quickly adapted to the life realities of the new Earth.

And this time at issue will be humans’ love of nature.

It is nature that remains the island of Divine creation that helps many people to survive in the third dimension world of raging passions and all-embracing industrialization and digitizing.

Why do people try to get out of big cities to the country as often as possible?

Because by intuition they feel its vivifying Divine energy that purifies their subtle bodies from the dirt that accumulated there as alien energies and programmes that energy space of megalopolises is literally impregnated with.

And even their physical bodies get noticeably changed in the open air of the country becoming saturated with the energies of natural elements in their primeval aspect.

But perhaps you have noticed that not all the inhabitants of your planet love nature and strive for getting lost in its beauty.

As a rule, it leaves indifferent clones, biorobots, reptiloids as well as representatives of other low vibration civilizations that are embodied as humans.

And it is explained by the fact that natural high vibrations are not only unhealthy but also pernicious to them.

Such refined energy “cuisine” causes a reverse effect in them: they feel ill at ease since being in the open air they are deprived of their usual “diet” of negative energies that large cities are filled with.

And no beautiful views can substitute their usual habitat in low energies.

Well, this is exactly the purpose that the Dragon reptiles created large cities for: to make pure human souls similar to themselves having decreased their vibrations as much as possible in the conditions so unnatural for humans.

They have been successful in this to a large extent but now, with Earth’s vibrations steadily increasing, people by intuition try to get out of large cities feeling they are choking both physically and spiritually in the stuffy atmosphere of “the stone jungles”.

And this is already the first step on the way to life in the world of higher vibrations.

Nature is of such high vibrations that it can generously share its pure Divine energies with humans.

This is why, my dear, I encourage you so often to leave large cities where it can be so hard for you to remain in harmonious condition and maintain your vibrations at the level that will allow you to make Transition.

For those who have eventually managed to do this though, it will be much easier to make themselves familiar to the world of the Fifth dimension plunging into the native pure energies that all the natural elements are saturated with.

But if life circumstances prevent you from ultimate leaving town, you can resort to the “cunning” like this.

In thoughts move to the places on your planet where you once felt great as often as possible.

I mean, of course, the spots of unspoiled nature where you got totally cut off from routine problems and city haste.

And since space and time are very conditional notions even in the world of the third dimension, you can perceive almost physically the condition of peace and quiet that you once found yourselves in.

In thoughts travel around favourite places, my dear, which will become “a gulp of fresh air” for you amidst your everyday life and will allow you to maintain your vibrations at the appropriate frequency.

And then you will enter freely and easily the world of the Fifth dimension that will appear so native and familiar to you.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 13, 2023.

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