WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (To pluck up one’s Spirit)

window-on-new-world-to-pluck-up-ones-spiritGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will move on to the practical part of our talk about the interaction of Soul and conscience.

And for you to get a better idea of the mechanism of this interaction, I would like to remind you of some phenomenon that often occurs to people in stressful situations.

At the moment of the greatest shock one experiences something that can be identified as “freezing” of one’s conscience.

It resembles an analgetic injection but in this case it takes place in respect of conscience.

So as to save one’s Soul from a shock that one can fail to live through, one is provided with some delay when one is watching the things in progress and “does not believe one’s eyes” or, in other words, it seems to one it happens to somebody else.

In this case one acquires the position of an onlooker which is the only one that can enable one to keep calm in any situation whatever tragic it is.

Such a “safety mechanism” is provided by nature just for a person to pluck up their Spirit and withstand the threats or tragic events of their life.

Well, what does the expression “pluck up one’s Spirit” mean? Why did it arise in your language?

It is closely connected with the notion of the triunity of the Spirit, Soul and Body that was spoken about in a series of my messages.

The human Spirit is a core for their Soul and Body being the most powerful of them in terms of energy.

And if a person manages to “pluck up one’s Spirit”, that is to invoke their main power – the concentration of the Divine energy typical of them, they will be able to overcome any hardships on the way preserving their Soul and body safe and sound.

And now, my dear, you should learn to plunge into such condition deliberately this time making use of the moment you are provided with at the critical minutes of your life before your Mind “switches on”.

There are several methods to do so.

The fastest and easiest of them is at the moment of greatest shock to put your right hand to the centre of your chest.

Some people will find it easier to do so directly touching the physical body, while some others ­– simply getting the hand to the heart chakra holding it at a small distance that is most comfortable for them.

It depends on your individual peculiarities: feel in which position you perceive the energy flow keener.

Do this practice that is not hard several times being in peaceful condition so as to use it in an emergency automatically this time and as efficiently as possible.

If you drill it appropriately, you will feel your subtle bodies getting expanded immediately.

It will seem to you that you are turning into a thick “balloon”.

At the subtle level it is actually so: all your subtle bodies are “blown up” like sails and become impenetrable for astral beings that feed on the human pain and sorrow.

And it happens because bringing your hand to the heart chakra you get your Crystal of Love activated immediately that makes the protective response of your energy space against any alien intrusion stronger.

At the same time there takes place by far the greatest concentration of Divine energy at one point which helps one to “pluck up one’s Spirit”, that is, make it stronger as much as possible and this is what gives one courage to live through stress with the least losses possible in respect of one’s Soul and body.

Try to master this practice, my dear, so as to use it as often as possible in your life.

This way you will learn to escape even minor troubles you face on the way, as well as to bring your relationships with the people around to harmony.

Remember that a lot of nations have just this position of the hand as a greeting.

And it is not by chance. By intuition people have always known how to let their Divine energy out so that it works to their good and to the good of everyone they meet on the way.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 2, 2023.

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