our-worlds-are-convergingGreetings, our dear Earthlings!

Today I have come to you as a representative of the Galaxy Light Federation in order to share the latest news from the subtle level.

At present, when Earth has eventually entered a new Era and, consequently, a new high vibration space, our worlds – the dense material and the subtle one – have started to converge impetuously.

And this is how it will show in your life.

The old world with all its patterns, laws, political, finance and social structures will start vanishing swiftly.

The same will happen to the people who have not managed to get rid of these patterns in their conscience.

They will not be able to adapt to new living conditions on your planet due to their low vibrations.

And the things that for pure and light souls will mean deliverance will seem a nightmare for them.

And the reason is as follows.

First of all, they will not be able to accept that they have been controlled for many centuries, with their conscience being manipulated, by so horrible and inhuman beings whose representatives are almost all heads of governments, as well as of large corporations and financial institutions.

They will not be able to believe this since this kind of information completely ruins their usual world with the well-established system of values.

Such people will gradually be leaving the earthly level as a result of psychic disorders and physical diseases.

The same will happen to those inhabitants of your planet who will agree to vaccination thereby depriving themselves of the opportunity to transit into the new world.

I think, what vaccines really are is well known to those reading this message right now, so we will not focus on that.

We would rather talk about what future holds for the part of humanity whose conscience is ready to accept and realize the new reality, who will gladly take the coming changes and are ready to live on the new Earth.

After all the “abscesses” of your society burst and those who have led humanity to the brink of catastrophe are duly persecuted, the new reality will start showing on your planet very quickly.

Thanks to the new energies dissolving all the old programmes the new “power institutions” will also appear.

Although I am using this expression usual to you, these structures will actually have quite different functions: not of suppression or control, but those of coordination of free people’s actions in the new society, with Unity, Equality and Mutual Respect reigning there.

And it will occur because the energies of aggression, fear, submission or greed will not be able to exist on the new Earth: they will be “forced” out of her space by high vibration energy of Love and dissolved by its Light.

So, according to the law of similars only people resonating with these Divine energies will be able to become the “helmsmen” of the new society on your planet.

There are people like this on Earth now, yet, for the time being they cannot show themselves in power institutions that are totally mired in corruption and frankpledge.

The hierarchy of the Dark Forces of your beautiful planet is coming to an end, and a new Era of Love and Light is arriving that will enable you to become competent members of our huge Galaxy family.

And we will gladly be sharing our experience, our knowledge with you, as well as our high technologies aimed at prosperity of your planet and each inhabitant of hers.

This time is not far off, and we are looking forward to it.

In conclusion, I would like to wish all the pure light human souls not to stumble at the supreme moment, follow all the predestined path up till the end in an appropriate manner and preserve the power of Spirit and Belief in oneself.

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 2, 2021.

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  1. Maria - aka- Linda David Cannon says:

    Dear Brother Ashtar Sherman

    Thank you very much for the great news, I am in deep gratitude to all Galactic Federation of Light for our Liberation from dark forces. And I also thank Father Absolute for the wisdom he brings to us. Realizing now who we truly are. Feeling happy and joy
    With Light and Love,
    Maria E Cannon aka Linda

  2. Brenda Gaines says:

    It is with DEEP GRATITUDE that I express my sincere appreciation of all your work to date that will enable this earth to be Beautiful and Tranquil. Thank you too for helping me through my cancer journey to be able to SEE and BE in this time. I WILL be the light to the people when they need me. Namaste’ to all the Galactic beings. We LOVE YOU ALL.


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