LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Intentional telepathic communication with subtle material world)

life-on-new-earth-intentional-telepathic-communication-with-subtle-material-worldGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, today we will move on to intentional telepathic communication.

At the beginning, I would like to stipulate that it is available not to everybody but those with their upper Divine chakras and pineal gland fully activated.

As you already know, pineal gland is some kind of an “antenna” connecting one with higher aspects of existence and, consequently, channeling the highest vibration energies – at least those one is capable of taking in at the present level of one’s spiritual development.

And this level should correspond to that of the Fifth dimension or at least the fourth one.

Probably you remember, the information arriving from higher spheres undergoes several stages.

First, it is “grounded” by the seventh chakra, then, it is “processed” by one’s pineal gland and by means of the sixth chakra it is “filtered” in terms of vibration frequency so as to get adapted to the vibrations of the fifth chakra that will have to “decode” this information and express it in words comprehensible to the third dimension world people.

This is exactly the way the pure information from the Light Forces arrives at Earth.

And this is how intentional telepathic communication occurs between the Higher Powers and a person embodied on Earth.

This communication can be both one-sided and double-sided.

It can be one-sided if the Light Forces themselves would like to convey something to a person.

And if one can feel their presence and get tuned on to their wave, one channels the information.

But it is often the case that when one wants to ask the Light Forces or one’s higher aspects a question one oneself tries to “catch their wave” and initiate a “conversation”.

And this situation is fraught with risks since the first impulse is generated not by the Light Forces whose vibrations are undoubtful but by a human existing in the third dimension world.

In this case the purity of one’s channel is of great importance and it depends on many factors.

It should be taken into account what one is driven by: a sincere desire to get genuine knowledge or mere curiosity, the desire to assert oneself and demonstrate one’s extrasensory perception or sometimes to earn money answering one’s clients’ questions due to the Higher Powers.

I would like to warn you from the very beginning, my dear, if this communication is based on low vibration desires and interests, the conversation will be joined in by astral beings who feed on the energies of similar vibrations and who have been specialized on the issue of Ascension and spiritual development for a long time now.

While the Light Forces will not be able to reach such people in terms of vibrations and, besides, will not consider it necessary.

They will be spoken to by higher astral beings at most who vibrate at the fifth chakra and, consequently, can easily penetrate energy information field of such a person without any “grounding” or “filtering” that the information from the Higher Powers passes through.

Therefore, many people establish double-sided telepathic communication, yet, most often their “interlocutors” turn out to be imposters, not the beings these people refer to.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 11, 2020.

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