Ascension in Action (Do not harm)

ascension-in-action-do-not-harmGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll continue our discussion on the subject of how to find our own selves, eliminating all the alien programs and layers, brought from the outside.

Many of you think that to be a beautiful, pure, and spiritual person is to help with everything your family, friends, and acquaintances, to make their lives easier, take upon yourselves their pain and small problems.

It is not right at all, dear ones. Most often your service will be contra productive and cause irreparable harm to yourselves. Now I’ll explain why.

When you recklessly rush to help someone materially or morally, without finding the causes of his troubles, you break the Law of the Universe “As within, so without.”

The only actual help could be explaining to a person the causes of his problems, only if you can see these causes.

Again and again, I’d like to remind you the wise and profound saying “the road to hell is paved with the good intentions.”

This is because “the good intentions of the person of 3D are radically different from “the good intentions” of a person whose consciousness has already reached the level of being a Human god.

For the average people, such a person sometimes may seem as cold, indifferent, not caring about their sorrows and troubles.

Of course, it is not true. Such a person simply understands that one cannot interfere in the destiny of another person, preventing him from learning his own lessons, gaining his own experiences and wisdom, making mistakes and learning not to repeat them.

Dear ones, you cannot take upon yourselves pain and suffering of other people and join emotionally in their problems. By doing that, you not only strengthen them, feeding them with negative energy of pity and compassion, but also contaminate your own subtle bodies.

In other words, you increase negativity, which already is very prevalent on Earth.

Such approach is also relevant to the global world problems.

When a large number of people get emotionally involved into discussions about military conflicts or natural disasters, feeling pain and compassion towards its victims, these energies create real egregors of suffering, which only intensify these conflicts, not allowing them to subside.

Remember, dear ones, that the energy radiated by people at the height of emotional tension is a great force that can be compared with an explosion of volcanoes. That’s exactly how it appears on the subtle plane of Earth.

However, because it is not expressed on physical plane right away, it is difficult for a person to follow the link of cause and effect, and he is unaware of what he had done.

But now at the height of the Shift from one dimension to another, the time parameters of cause and effect has changed, and everything is happening significantly faster than it has been before.

It is all part of the program of accelerated learning for man, raising his consciousness to such a level that it would allow him to go through the Shift.

That’s why, the right approach to your own problems as well as to other people’s problems is very important now in order to avoid harming yourself and them.

Find the golden mean, the balance in your relationships with other people, which would allow you to be a good willing observer, who is capable of suggesting to others the way of solving the problems, but who would not do it for them.

Likewise, if your own problems appear, you need to try to understand the deep reason for them, what really have created your problems, that will help you to solve them in the best way for the highest good of all.

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute who loves you without measure has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 12, 2018

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