Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you what is going on with your planet right now and how people are affected by it.

A number of eclipses – the solar one followed by the lunar one – are, in a sense, the ‘gates’ to a new world of high frequency vibrations.

These natural phenomena that happen with a certain periodicity this time trigger spiritual development of plenty of people.

Along the eclipse corridor – July 13, the solar eclipse, and July 27, the lunar one – there was transmitted a huge amount of high frequency energy that can be compared to a real tsunami.

This is why lots of energy ‘abscesses’ opened and numerous severe disasters swept around the globe where the negative energy concentrations caused by human ambitions had reached maximum allowable content.

The newly arrived energy encouraged the cleansing process of the planet with the help of elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

This is a consistent process, for nobody and nothing in the world can abolish everlasting and the indisputable Laws of the Universe such as the Law of Unity, the Law of Cause and Effect, ‘as within so without’…

Here inevitably comes ‘retribution’ for every deed and new high frequency energy has just speeded the process up in order to promote awakening of humans, make them think about their own destiny, the destiny of their country and all the planet not from the point of view of the average man ridden by selfish ambitions but from the citizen of the world point of view, the one who considers themselves to be a resident of Earth, shortly, a spiritual being that thinks by categories of quite a different rank.

And it really happens, for only getting into trouble or finding themselves in a difficult situation makes humans start uniting, helping others and sharing everything they have.

Unfortunately, this is the way the 3D world is designed – its welfare separates you but its misfortunes unite you.

It happens, first of all, because the energy of envy, greediness and anger to the rich and more successful ones is replaced by the energy of Love, Gratitude and Sympathy that is Divine by origin and unidirectional by nature.

While in a difficult situation you are all equal: there are no either rich or poor, lucky or unlucky.

You are joined by the common misfortune at the energy level and start feeling united with every single person.

And this the first step to feeling united with the Creator, your Galaxy Family and the Universe.

This is what makes the 3D and the 5D different, my dear ones.

While in the 5D you will be united by happiness and joy where Love is the one that reigns, in the 3D you can truly be united only by sorrow and misfortune.

Therefore, please take calmly the things that take place and going to take place on the planet in the nearest future.

These severe tests bring you good because so far there is no other way to make humans awake from spiritual ‘sleep’ and pass over to another level of development.

Not everybody will be able to get the message of shock therapy of the Universe but those fully aware of the gravity and wisdom of this step will be able to ascend with Earth and shift to another reality that has been much spoken about in the messages of the Higher Powers of the Universe.

My dear ones, I believe that all of you are going to be among them!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on July 26, 2018.

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