Ascension in Action (How to remain yourself)

ascension-in-action-how-to-remain-yourselfGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will discuss the following topics: how you would like to see yourself ideally, how you could throw off the masks, without which very few people can manage in the world, how to find the real you.

Why is it so difficult for a man to stay himself, why does he have to hide his real essence from the people around him?

There are many reasons for that, but the main reason is that the man is defenseless in the world of duality, where the energy of opposition rules, where people think of themselves first, often building their well-being at the expense of others.

Today I will tell you how to preserve your individuality and purity of the Soul, while being in the 3D world.

First of all, think what is interfering with your life, what does not allow you to feel yourself as a free and happy person.

Perhaps, for most of you it is conventionality, with which your life is woven in the world of duality and which forces a person into a narrow box, compelling him to obey certain rules and laws.

You already know who invented these laws and what are heir goals. Religion, all the state, social and financial institutions are aimed for transforming a person into a small screw in the giant mechanism, which is ruled by those who created the world of duality.

But now the end of their power is coming, because they have brought humanity to the dead end, from where only one exit is possible – the liberation of human consciousness from the enslavement, redistribution of power in the world, taking into consideration the real needs of a man, and not the ones imposed on him by artificial means.

Believe me, dear ones, each of you is capable of giving possible contributions for the creation of the new world, and of course you have to start with yourself.

Most people are prevented from going forward by the FEAR of standing out from the crowd.

For a long time, it has been instilled in you that you need to live like others, like it is accepted, observing rules and traditions established throughout centuries, and that such life is considered truly righteous, respectable and pleasing to God…

However, in reality, dear ones, it is not pleasing to God to see you as grey and uniform masses, but it is pleasing to see you as beautiful and bright multicolored community of people, where each person expresses his talents and abilities, who freely creates to diversify his own life and brings joy to other people with his creations.

That’s exactly how your life would be in the 5D, but until then look carefully within yourself and try to understand which character traits and which views of life have to be eliminated in order to start a new life.

Try to understand who stands behind your desires and aspirations. Is it your human Ego, your fear and inertia, or is it your Soul, that knows why you have come to Earth and tries with all its power to take you to your predestined path?

Sometimes it is difficult for you to differentiate one from the other, because very few people can hear their Souls.

That’s why, I’d like to give you some advises-hints.

First, ask yourself, “Am I happy and joyful with what I do? Is it what I really want? Or maybe I do that because of the wishes of my loved ones, friends, out of habit, sense of responsibility, fear or feeling of guilt?”

Then honestly respond to your questions to your own self.

Your response will point out at what you need to eliminate in the first place.

Second, try to see which of your emotions, thoughts, words or actions are annoying to other people, preventing you from forming harmonious relationships with them.

And third. Remember what you have been like in your childhood and youth, when you have been open to the world, not knowing how to pretend.

Try to enter that state, by moving in time and space. After returning back, keep it with you.

It is a very effective practice, because it would help you to eliminate everything alien and artificial, which you have accumulated in the years of living in duality.

We will stop here today.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 10, 2018

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