LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Uninvited guests from subconscience)

life-on-new-earth-uninvited-guests-from-subconscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued, let us now consider another example: when one is not produced any external influence on and, yet, one’s inner state is a subject to an energy attack.

Well, it happens at every turn, my dear, and it is again the third dimension programmes and patterns to blame that are instilled into your subconscience.

First of all, it is fear well-settled in human conscience – ranging from seemingly minor things to the fear for one’s life.

Imagine the following sight.

Someone has torn themselves away from the city bustle to the country.

They are walking in the forest. It is quiet, peaceful and beautiful …

But instead of enjoying all the beauty and calm, they suddenly start THINKING.

As soon as they trigger this mental process inside themselves, out of their subconscience like enemy’s spies there begin to appear fears disguised in different “clothes”: fear for themselves and their close people, for children and grandchildren, for their present and future, for the country’s fate…

The problem is, my dear, that it is fears that have been instilled into your conscience and subconscience for centuries.

As you already know, it was done deliberately and the result of this massive treatment of human conscience has turned out to be its programming for negative thoughts and emotions whose energies were exactly the nourishment of those who seized power on your planet.

So, instead of creating in one’s imagination wonderful happy future one automatically starts foreseeing POSSIBLE negative consequences of this or that step.

But, as long as any thought is material, most often “possible” consequences programmed by one’s conscience turn real because the Universe knows nothing of the subjunctive mood – it accepts your “order” in the form it was placed.

Well, it is these negative programmes of your subconscience that can ruin the harmony of your inner state even when you are isolated from the external world.

Therefore, it is essential to track these “enemy’s spies” of your subconscience not forcing them back to their “shelter” at the same time but dissolving them with the Energy of Ascension that your protective Mirror sphere is filled with.

The principle of unwelcomed guests identification is same as in the previous case: you should feel what chakra responds to them and make it balanced with the others right away.

And only after that you should dissolve the thoughts and emotions that upset the calm of your soul with the Energy of Ascension.

Really handy in this case can be the practice I offered you in my recent message and the idea of which is in “redirecting” any thought that arises in your conscience the creative way and start building in your imagination the world you are dreaming about.

Imagine as vividly as you can your new life in the Fifth dimension where not only you yourself will fit and realize your calling, but all your relatives and family, friends and acquaintances and, in general, all the people who make Transition will do as well.

This way your inner state will gradually get pulled up to the new energies of Earth and at the same time you will be creating the new reality by power of your intention.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 16, 2021.

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  1. YVETTE says:

    Bonjour, Je suis contente de enfin lire la vérité de ce que nous vivons vraiment en tant qu’être humain sur la terre, je fais moi même ce travail journellement de “traque” de toutes les croyances et programmations qui m’ont été imposées depuis bien longtemps, toutes mes vies, qui sont complètement dirigées par des êtres de 4ème dimension qui ont besoin de nous pour “se nourrir”. Merci à vous de le dire, Cordialement


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