with-gentle-motherly-loveGreetings, my beloved!

Today I have come to you because I would like to comfort and support you during such tough period when military conflicts on Earth result in hundreds of thousands of soldiers’ death, as well as innocent women, children and elderly people.

It hurts me to see that your long-suffering Earth has again fallen victim to bloody crimes of the Dragon reptiles – these soulless and cruel creatures.

Everything runs in circle in this system that has had its days and that was developed to control states, nations, religions by a small group of impious creatures deciding the destiny of millions of people and causing them endless suffering.

Even we, the Ascended Masters, could not imagine that in the 21st century humanity would again come back to religious wars that brought them so much pain in old times.

But I would like you to know that the hatred that is now being bred by those who rule the world from behind the scenes is caused by artificial control of large masses of people’s conscience rather than by religious beliefs.

Though now even such notion as “people” has become blurred since long ago – too many other creatures have learnt to get embodied as humans.

It hurts us so much to see how crowd conscience is being controlled so skillfully by creatures of no Soul or sympathy and how readily humans yield to their manipulations.

But the things that have been in progress in recent years and especially months are going beyond the permissible bounds and violate not only the Laws of the Universe but even the third dimension world laws one for all people.

To our huge regret, we cannot interfere actively with the events that are taking place on Earth now.

But what we can do is to facilitate the transition into another world for those who suffered from the evil deeds of your criminal governments.

At present a huge army of Angel creatures have arrived at the near-earth space to meet those who are leaving the physical level as a result of the military actions.

Do know, my dear, that all the pure and light souls who gave their lives in the name of justice on Earth, as well as innocent people who suffered in military conflicts are making transition to subtle worlds in a “simplified way” if it is to be expressed in an earthly language you understand.

It means that skipping astral layers they get immediately to the subtle level of existence where souls usually come to not earlier than forty days after their physical body death.

There has been created a special Light Portal for them that used to be opened in exceptional cases – for the souls of a very high order who gave their life for the sake of service to humanity.

It has become possible thanks to Earth’s vibrations increase and her steady motion to the energy space of the Fifth dimension.

Now the border line between the dense and subtle worlds has become noticeably thinner, therefore, the transition from one world into the other has turned easier for many.

Yet, not everyone, of course, rises to such a high level of the subtle plane.

Those who committed evil deeds get into quite different – infernal – worlds and at an accelerated speed, too.

For them there is opened another portal – in the direction opposite to the Light one.

And there is one more piece of good news that I would like to communicate to you today.

All the pure and light souls that knew about the Ascension of Earth and were striving for moving into a new life with her having left the third dimension world ahead of time have found themselves in the space of the Fifth dimension, anyway, and are getting adjusted there in the reality new to them.

As you see, my dear, enormous changes are occurring now not only on Earth but in the near-earth space, too since everything is interconnected in this by far the greatest experiment in the Universe when a whole planet is moving to a new level of existence so promptly.

Everything is going to be fine, my dear, keep patient for some more time.

And I am saying goodbye to you and cloaking each of you in my gentle motherly Love.

The Virgin Mary spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 1, 2023.

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