Ascension in Action (Nutrition at the time of transformation)

ascension-in-action-nutrition-at-the-time-of-transformationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to remind you of some important aspects of the Ascension, which many of you overlook.

First of all, it means your nutrition.

In many messages, it has been said that you need to know how to feel your organism, how to listen to its wishes and needs.

It is really so, dear ones, and still you need to take into consideration that your body have developed certain habits and food preferences over many years of your life.

It is some kind of stereotypes, based as a rule on national traditions, because any holiday celebration in every country does not happen without plentiful

meals and it has become an indelible part of your life.

But now, dear ones, when your vibrations grow rapidly, it’s very important to help your physical body to withstand such a new energy load.

Now the plant foods, which you call “life” food, because it absorbs the energy of the sun and the earth, must become the basis of your food ration.

Those of you, who find it’s difficult to avoid meat, may do it gradually until they feel that their bodies do not need it anymore.

But it’s important to find a wholesome substitute for it, by including in your menu grains, beans and nuts. It’s especially important for men who are doing physical work.

Now I will give you one advice on learning how to determine if certain food is really necessary for your body or you eat it because of the habit of many years.

The practice “Double test” would be great for that.

Your hand placed over any food product could be very helpful.

Before eating something, look at this food product or meal and feel how your body reacts.

It could literally tremble with joy.

It is possible that you would feel rejection and non-acceptance.

It is very important, dear ones, to establish an energy contact with the food in front of you – just as you establish such a contact with people.

And if you feel that it is YOUR food, then treat it with respect: thank it, enjoy each piece you have eaten, and during meal don’t engage in vain conversations and in the subjects unpleasant for you.

Otherwise, the food would change its energy and would not be beneficial.

Believe me, dear ones, your nutrition is a very important component of the Ascension process and it could speed up or slow down your Shift.

Therefore, from now on look at everything you eat from the point of view of expediency and benefits for your new higher vibrational body.

It is of great need of the food of the corresponding vibrations, which would help it transform into the new crystal body of the Fifth dimension.

I bless you, dear ones, for the wise and balanced approach towards the rebuilding of your body for the new nutritional system.

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 28, 2018

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