LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Personality basis of the Fifth dimension man)

life-on-new-earth-personality-basis-of-the-fifth-dimension-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about what makes the basis of the Fifth dimension man’s personality.

Let us cite the following example to help you understand it.

One has made up one’s mind to build a house. To make the house strong, beautiful and durable it is important not just to make a decent foundation but to choose an appropriate site for construction.

So, if you erect it on quaking loose sand or wet bog soil, your house will not last long even if its foundation is firm.

While if the foundation is laid on a level dense soil or solid rocky soil, your house will last very long on the foundation like this.

In other words, it is the BASIS a building will be erected on that is important.

So, what is the basis of the Fifth dimension man’s personality?

It is eternal and invariable energy of Unconditional Love that is unipolar by nature.

While in the dual world personality basis is always being “washed away” by heteropolar mutually exclusive energies, which mentally and emotionally ruins one, in the Fifth dimension world this basis is stable.

Not only it is far from ruining one’s personality but, on the contrary, it constantly supports it with the highest vibration energy in the Universe – the energy of Love.

Yet, to create a basis like this now, you should get rid of both all third dimension world stereotypes, patterns and your habits since even the most harmless of them still feature duality.

After you have identified what this or that habit of yours is based on, which was spoken about in my previous message, and have dissolved it with the Energy of Ascension, you will feel the first step to deliverance has already been made.

And then you will have to control your behaviour, your words, your emotional reactions to people and events so as to understand whether you have succeeded in eventual getting rid of your habits or have not yet.

Besides, it is essential to free oneself from one’s spontaneous stereotyped reactions that can also match the notion of “habits”.

Suppose, you are used to rushing to help to anyone who told you about their problems.

But next time when a similar situation arises, say “Stop” to yourself.

And then think calmly and try to understand what this person was driven by when delegating their worry to you: whether they really need your help and advice or they simply had to give way to their negative emotions thereby getting charged from you in terms of energy.

Yet, remember that you can get the correct answer only from your Soul, not your human Mind, the one that is used to thinking in a trite manner.

Start with this, my dear, and this way you will gradually learn to “see” below the surface of words – their energy underlying reason, as well as the things behind your own mental and emotional reactions.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 8, 2020.

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