WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Attitude of the fourth dimension person to current events)

window-on-new-world-attitude-of-the-fourth-dimension-person-to-current-eventsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, as a follow-up to my previous message let us have a close look at the way your conscience responds to the changing reality that is getting closer to that of the fourth dimension.

We will start with the way you take the negative events that are in plenty now on your planet.

If they make you depressed or, which is even worse, incite aggression, it means that your conscience has not broken free from the bounds of the third dimension world yet.

Because this is the respond produced by the one with the usual third dimension worldview to any unpleasant things.

How should people whose vibrations have already reached the level of the fourth dimension respond to them?

At least, indifferently.

And the reason is as follows.

If you are well aware of how unusual and crucial the processes now in progress on your planet are, you will understand that they cannot go smoothly or painlessly.

The Dark Forces will not give up without a blow and the fact that their efforts on humanity enslavement have recently become more active is to some extent a good sign.

They are in a hurry and, consequently, are working in a crude way now not concealing their intensions.

Thanks to this even those far from the issue start seeing the trick and having doubt about their actions.

While a mindful person will just watch the final act of the performance being staged on Earth at the same time being aware of the fact the danger is not over yet and, consequently, one should be alert and take appropriate actions facilitating a smoother running of these critical processes.

This is the approach to current events to tell a wise and balanced person from an emotional and impatient one.

I understand, my dear, how tired you have become waiting for the outcome to arrive but it will only do when everything converges at one point and for the greater good of all, of course.

Do not switch on your Mind, do not get involved head over heels into analysis of events and do not predict their outcome only introducing confusion into an intricate plot of the divine scenario invisible to you.

Believe me, it is constantly changing and mostly dependent on the emotional and mental heat of human passions.

Stay wise, patient and attentive onlookers.

This is the best thing you can do now so as to preserve your vibrations at the appropriate level and, consequently, peace of mind.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 25, 2022.

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