WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Help your body)

window-on-new-world-help-your-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about the influence produced on your physical body by the fourth dimension.

Beside the fact that in this high vibration space the aging process ceases, its old habits and needs start to change.

First of all, it concerns, of course, your diet.

The body of the one in the fourth dimension is unable to take in food of animal origin and, therefore gradually switches over to complete vegetarianism.

The same applies to alcoholic drinks, even to the weakest ones.

The rejection of low vibration foodstuffs by the body sometimes occurs in a quite unexpected way for the person themselves.

This way the self-regulation and self-correction system of the physical body shows up.

All its organs, possessing the conscience of their own, block the introduction of substances harmful for them that these or those foodstuffs feature.

And they consider harmful all foods of artificial and animal origin since they feature very low vibrations.

And only vegetables, fruit, cereals, legumes – in a word, all the Gifts of Nature of plant origin – convey vibrations that can resonate with those of the fourth dimension.

So as to encourage a person to change eating habits, their body resorts to various tricks.

But, unfortunately, people do not always take the clues and hints of their body finding the reason for feeling unwell after consuming unhealthy food in the low quality of the ingredients, the quantity of the food eaten, harmful additives…

It is especially true about those who still live in compliance with the third dimension world programmes taking for gospel everything they are told by recognized “experts” on a “healthy” diet.

But such “experts” are often engaged by the producers of the very foodstuffs, and, consequently, their “opinion” is determined by mercenary interests only.

It is true, before all, about meat products that are represented to people as integral part of their nourishment and “means” to make the body stronger.

And the body of meat-eaters is getting “beefed up” indeed but not with healthy microelements but with the negative energies of fear, pain and sorrow of poor animals.

The same applies to the “benefit” of alcohol, which is vehemently promoted in society by producers of alcoholic drinks.

And only having broken free from the captivity of other people’s opinion and omnipresent advertisement, one can assess one’s condition before and after consuming these or those products.

Remember how you felt after hours-long parties rich in meat dishes and alcoholic drinks.

And compare your present condition when you feed on just light food of plant origin and drink mostly pure water.

The difference is huge, isn’t it, my dear?

But now when you are moving further and further on the way to the Fifth dimension not only should you change your eating habits, but also listen intently to each response of your intelligent body.

It always tries to get through to its owner so as to help them giving advice and protecting from danger.

Each time before eating something new or unusual for you, ask your body for permission: lend a keen ear to its desire – it will give you some hint whether this product is good for you or not by all means.

And never fall prey to fashion, advertisement, other people’s advice even if the things at issue are seemingly healthy foodstuffs.

All people are so different that whatever miracle one food can be for somebody, for another person it can turn out not just harmful but even dangerous.

And it is essential to do so just now when your body, just like your Soul, is getting ready to make a crucial step – Transition to the Fifth dimension.

Help it with this, my dear, and it will return you a hundredfold.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 15, 2022.

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  1. Alice says:

    Is food of animal origin like butter, honey or eggs harmful as well? – as we don’t kill animals for it, maybe it is acceptable?
    I know that milk is probably not healthy that much, but fermented milk products have benefits for our guts and their healthy bacteria’s population – same with honey.
    I really want to follow the guidelines, so I ask for a little clarification here ^^
    Thank you so much and bless everyone involved in delivering these wonderful messages!

    1. Татьяна says:

      Better late than never, dear Alice!
      You can use this link to learn more about Father’s tips on nutrition.
      There were also several messages on food and drinks to follow this one.

      Best wishes,


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