WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Bosom friends)

window-on-new-world-bosom-friendsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to the talk about the union of man and woman in the world of the fourth dimension today I would like to tell you about one more peculiarity of theirs.

A lot of you have got the impression that with the transition to the world of higher vibrations each of you will be able to find your Twin Flame straight away.

It is actually not so.

The union of Twin Flames is a separate topic that we will touch upon later.

Yet, so far at issue are Kindred Souls rather than anything else that are often attracted to each other by intuition even in the third dimension world.

And it does not even depend on sexual identity.

Remember such expressions as “bosom friend” or “bosom female friend”.

They exactly imply Kindred Souls that have found each other.

Not seldom they can even be one Maternal Soul’s particles that have come to Earth simultaneously to live through certain experience.

And this is what makes them close if they were lucky to meet.

As a rule, these people have similar world view.

Of course, they can have their own nuances of life perception but, anyway, they have much more things that unite them then separate.

And if such people become really “bosom friends”, in their relationships there is no duality: they accept each other the way they are – with all their weak points and peculiarities.

In other words, their relationships are already going beyond the third dimensionality limits and are close to those of the higher dimensions worlds.

In the absence of envy, jealousy, feeling of ownership and control they can be really happy when the other succeeds and unselfishly help each other in any undertaking.

This is exactly the way for the relationships between man and woman to be arranged in the world of the fourth dimension too.

Of course, in this case there are no guarantees that such a union will be “eternal”.

But even if for some reasons it falls apart, this rupture will not be painful or even tragic, which is often the case in the third dimension world where people are possessed with the passions of their insatiable Ego.

And it is accounted for by the fact that in the worlds of high vibrations everything occurs according to Soul’s call and the Law of the Free Will that is recognized by everyone with no exception.

Pure Souls cannot get offended since they understand that everything always happens in compliance with the Divine expediency.

So, having learnt one lesson, they get down to another one.

And it is quite possible that they will meet one more Congenial Soul that they will be able to learn the things still unknown for them.

The new high vibrations of Earth and those of the fourth dimension inhabitants themselves do not imply suffering of any kind.

It can be light sadness while parting, no more than this because at the level of their Soul everyone will understand that it will do good to both of them.

Everything will occur naturally and in a mild way at the background of energies of general Love and Respect to each other and always by mutual consent.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 11, 2023.

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