LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Communication on equal terms)

life-on-new-earth-communication-on-equal-termsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about the way your interaction with the Light Forces occurs and what can be the sign of your having managed to contact them.

I know that now many of you are trying to “talk” to your Higher Self, Safeguard Angel, to some of the Ascended Masters and even to me.

You are eager to gain the long-awaited Unity with the Light Forces and establish communication with them so much.

And the fact that you rush things often throws you back.

The thing is that, my dear, just a wish is not sufficient in this case.

A desire is often initiated by Mind, your Ego, strive for breaking free from the bounds of the usual round and get exceptional and, as it seems to you, refined Divine abilities of communication with Heavenly beings.

As a matter of fact, you can communicate with the Light Forces on equal terms, just like with friends, for both you and they are particles of the Whole One, with the only difference being in that at present you are embodied at the physical level and they are disembodied at the subtle level.

And the only obstacle for your communication is a huge gap in vibrations preventing you from feeling and hearing each other.

So, what should be done to make such contact real?

Your vibration gap should be made as small as possible.

Of course, you cannot ascend from the third dimension right to the sixth or the seventh one but it is quite within your depth to ascend to the Fifth dimension space by your conscience.

And from there you will now be able to reach the Light Forces who in their turn will be able to do everything possible to “descend” to your vibration frequency.

The Fifth dimension can become some kind of frontier post for your communication with the Light Forces.

And now many people’s conscience has come close to the threshold of the Fifth dimension.

Not everybody is likely to succeed in finding themselves in this high vibration space all the time since a lot of distracting factors drag you back into the third dimension again.

But when you are calm and balanced, especially in the open air far from the city haste, and your conscience is free from all irrelevant thoughts, you are quite able to catch the “wave” of the Light Forces you would like to address.

How can you avoid mistakes and prevent unwelcomed astral guests from penetrating your channel?

First, you should not think about it.

Just the thought of possibility for the astral beings to be pulled to you instead of the Light Forces can attract them.

Second, you should have pure thoughts and desires to contact your Heavenly patrons not out of curiosity or to send a “fox message” but “on business” indeed.

You should not bother them about trifles, do contact them only when you know there is the BAREST NECESSITY for that.

What do I mean by this expression?

Before all, these are situations when your fate is at stake, when you must make a decision that can change your whole life completely and when it is hard for you to arrive at the right decision yourself.

In this case the assistance of your Higher Self and your Spiritual patrons cannot be overestimated since they see all the possible developments and can point you out the most advantageous course of life for you and your family.

And third, invoking some of your Heavenly patrons it is essential not to feel being a “petitioner” at a lower stage of development than they are but to ask for their advice as they are just equal, close and more experienced friends of yours.

It will be enough to minimize your vibration gap and feel your Unity.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 27, 2020.

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