WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Living dolls)

window-on-new-world-living-dollsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

After we have dwelt on the “patterns” of interaction with different people who own these or those souls, now I would like to talk to you about the interaction with clones and biorobots whose number is increasing on Earth now.

How can you identify clones?

First of all, by eyes.

As a rule, they are “empty” in the direct meaning of the word.

Same as it is possible to make a wonderful doll but impossible to impart a living expression to its eyes, so clones’ eyes, who lack a soul, cannot irradiate Love or Light that are typical of pure human souls.

They express their emotions, as a rule, by facial expression and gestures and, of course, by actions, too.

They cannot “speak” with eyes, which is typical of humans only.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed that some people “put on” a smile or a nice air over their face but, meanwhile, their eyes do not express almost anything.

It can certainly be characteristic of the representatives of low vibration civilizations embodied as humans, too, yet, one can trace specific traits typical of a particular civilization.

As far as clones are concerned, they always act according to a pattern.

This is the way they are made: in accordance with certain programmes.

And the purpose of making them is to redirect human conscience a merely material way.

They are really numerous in advertising industry that is aimed exactly at “uploading” the artificial values into the human conscience that are deliberately instilled into your society by the Dragon reptiles.

They are plenty in cinema industry – in the low-quality films that provoke human energies of by far the lowest vibrations.

And even present-day fashion is meant to make an individual totally depersonalized and turn their clothes into something featureless and unisex.

And clones are just the best to fit this part indeed since true men and women despite any fashion try to highlight their masculinity or femininity even in clothing.

There are a lot of clones in the army, too where they have the programmes of merciless annihilation of people instilled into them.

And, no doubt, it is them who are used for participation in street riots and pogroms in the countries where the deep state is trying to solve their problems by creating highly explosive situations, which can be witnessed now almost everywhere.

What is the most danger that the presence of clones is fraught with in your society?

It is, before all, in that they ALWAYS provoke human outbursts of negative energy thereby not only retarding their spiritual growth but also attracting to human energy space real hordes of astral beings who feed on low vibration energy.

So as to make sure of it, try to trace what emotions are aroused in you by even the most innocent, at first sight, advertisement.

Or feel keenly your state after you have watched a horror or action film or just a low-quality “empty” film.

To say the least of the feelings experienced by the people who have found themselves in the epicenter of a vandalism debauch in the streets of their cities.

And there is an army of clones behind all this who were made according to certain programmes of influence on human psyche.

And here nothing can help: neither your words, nor persuasion or impulses of high vibration energies.

They simply cannot take them in since “living dolls” are deprived of empathy as it is.

The only right decision will be to avoid any communication with them if it is possible, though.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 4, 2023.

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