WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Universal approach)

window-on-new-world-universal-approachGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way you should develop relationships with the person in whose body there get on two souls – a Divine one and that of low vibrations.

Of course, not everyone is to see or feel it therefore, for a start, I would like to tell you about the external signs you can identify such a person.

The main distinctive characteristic of such people is contradiction in their thoughts, emotions and actions as well as frequent changes not only in their mood but world view, too.

But sometimes even their appearance changes.

From time to time when their Divine Soul takes over, they can shine with joy and happiness irradiating Love and Sympathy towards their close people and friends.

And then as if somebody invisible “switches” them over to another wave: even their features, look, behaviour change…

This way their second – low vibration – soul comes into the picture.

It can be caused by a negative thought that flashed in their mind or unpleasant event in their own life or life of the country.

And according to the Law of Attraction negative energy is immediately pulled to the low vibration soul of a person that following its collective conscience programmes starts replenishing it even more.

This “feast” is a place to flock together for astral beings that make the negative energy loom large.

As a result of this, a Divine Soul moves far back to the background being unable to resist such a flow of the energy alien to it.

That is why, my dear, I always ask you to monitor your very first reaction to everything that takes place around you since it is this reaction that determines who you will “feed”: your dark or light side irrespective of the number of souls present in your body.

But let us come back to the people who own two souls of different vibrations.

If you have noticed such a person in your environment, you should learn to switch over their attention from negative events to positive ones.

Absolutely in any situation even tragic one, at first sight, one can find positive moments and especially what concerns present-day global events.

Be calm to explain to people who are being seized with panic and fear, hatred and aggression towards the authorities that the chaos that is holding sway over your planet is the precursor of a new life, that development of a happy and just society requires abolishment of the old control system preventing globalists from putting their plans to life.

In each particular situation find the words that will help you get the idea through to the person.

Give them hope and belief in better future.

Explain the Laws of the Universe in the words they understand.

Tell them about the energy changes that are occurring on your planet – since there is scientific evidence to it now.

In a word, always address their Divine Soul nourishing it with its native energies and leaving their low vibration soul “to starve”.

If you manage to get through to such a person, it is quite possible that you will help them get rid of the second soul that they are most likely to have no idea of but which prevents them from spiritual development and deprives them of the opportunity to make transition to the Fifth dimension with Earth.

Such an approach to interaction with people is universal irrespective of the kind of person you have come across.

In any situation look for their light side and concentrate both your attention and that of your interlocutor on it.

Do not multiply the negative that has accumulated too much on your planet.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 2, 2023.

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