WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (The Law of Opposites)

window-on-new-world-the-law-of-oppositesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the worldview of the Fifth dimension man.

The next step in shifting life priorities towards the spiritual principle is your attitude to people.

And I see that it is this thing that has become the main obstacle for your spiritual progress.

It is hard for you to treat different people calmly with no censure: those bad and good, kind and wicked, generous and mean, spiritual and nonspiritual – in a word, few of you have managed to move from the dual world to the unipolar one completely in this sense so far.

That is why we come back to this issue over and over again, yet, this time we will consider it not in terms of the Law of Unity but in terms of the Law of Opposites so as to understand how it works in the dual reality.

But for a start, I would like to tell you about the Law itself in some detail since it was not spoken about before.

The Law of Opposites results from the Laws of Attraction and Reflection being their “secondary” part.

It is based on the principle of both attraction and rejection.

In the higher understanding these notions and not mutually exclusive.

Remember the principle of a charging device: so that an electrical appliance will work, you put a battery into it so as to connect plus and minus – magnitudes of different poles.

Generally speaking, the same occurs to an individual: so as to “charge” them with high vibration energy, it is necessary to introduce energies of different poles into their life, the ones that are featured by the people on their way.

And they will be able to reach spiritual heights only when they gain the unipolarity of their conscience that enables them to treat everyone the same way – with no censure – irrespective of their personal traits.

I know that is not that easy to do but it is a must.

Only this way – having reached the energy unipolarity in yourselves – you will be able to share this energy with the rest of the world, too that is in need of it as ever before.

If you have analyzed the present situation on your planet, you will understand that now duality is at its supreme here.

The world government and their marionettes at the helm do their best to separate and play off nations, countries, races, nationalities, common people against each other making use of all the means available to them.

And your task is to contrast this separation with Consolidation at least at the energy level.

And next time we will speak about it in more detail.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 3, 2022.

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