LIFE ON NEW EARTH (New space-time parameters characteristics)

life-on-new-earth-new-space-time-parameters-characteristicsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a round-up to our talk about new space-time parameters that are gradually getting their ground, I would like to remind you today of their most important characteristics.

First. Space and Time slow but sure are losing their linearity typical of the third dimension world.

Second. Being inseparable they are constantly interacting with each other.

Third. Getting into one’s energy field they adapt to one changing their vibration frequency.

Fourth. The energies of Space and Time are an individual conscience’s reflection who сan influence them by power of their intention.

Fifth. Being flexible and movable substances Space and Time can transform in consistence with one’s vibration level quickly moving from one dimension to another one.

Sixth. The energies of Space and Time have their own Conscience that scans mental impulses of a person and keenly react to them.

And the seventh. Flowing from one condition into another these energies, nevertheless, preserve their initial essence remaining all-embracing infinity.

Now when you are led into all the niceties of interaction with the energies of Space and Time, you can treat them as your faithful companions and true assistants.

Yet, they become the same only if you learn to get tuned onto one wave with them.

And the frequency this wave acquires depends on you now – on your vibrations level.

Therefore, man can decrease or increase vibrations of Space and Time depending on their inner state.

Being in harmony and indulging in your favourite occupation, you facilitate the energies of Space and Time around to flow smooth from the third dimension to the fourth and even the Fifth one.

Thereby your interaction occurs: by your vibrations you help them transform into their higher aspect, while they help you facilitating the feeling of flight and timelessness, which corresponds to the Fifth dimension vibrations.

And as a conclusion I would like to give you advice.

You should show devoted Respect, Love and Gratitude to these eternal companions of all living beings in the Universe and during the energy practices on Time and Space control treat them as your equal not feeling superior or arrogant because of the fact you “control” them.

Always remember that these clever energies can scan all the shades of your mood and, consequently, reflect them at the physical level.

Well, instead of the desirable result you can get the opposite effect, and it will not be the “revenge” of the energies of Space and Time but just your own energies’ reflection.

I bless you, my dear, for the harmonious union with the Divine Energies of Space and Time that play a significant role in life of every person.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 5, 2021.

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