ASCENSION IN ACTION (The basis of education)

ascension-in-action-the-basis-of-educationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll address the following topic, how to combine an education of the children of the future with current realities of 3D world, where you still continue to live.

It is not easy to do, because an entire system of upbringing and education is build upon driving the consciousness of the people into certain boundaries, where it is easier to control them.

The OBEDIENCE lies at the foundation of the educational system of 3D world, first to the older people, then according to the rank (in the army), and according to their position in society…

In such a way, the hierarchical ladder is build, where there are the chiefs and subordinates, strong and weak, rich and poor, smart and stupid – in other words, the dual relationships between the people.

And I must admit, that in the conditions of the lower vibrations, such an upbringing and the way of life has been justified, otherwise the chaos would reign on Earth.

It continues to this day, because it is not possible, of course, to break up quickly the system of upbringing, education, the way of thinking and acting, which has developed through the centuries.

So what can be done by those, who have realized the groundlessness of this system, and who already lives in the different energies, not corresponding to the energies of duality?

You have a very complex task ahead of you, dear ones, to educate your children and grandchildren with the new approaches, and at the same time not to develop in them the feelings of superiority and opposition, non acceptance of the old system of values and relationships between the people.

Otherwise, you will create your own duality, based on such principles as spiritual and not spiritual, right or wrong, good or bad…

To be able to establish a necessary mode of behavior, you will have to adhere to the following rules.

First. Never judge the children and compare their behavior.

You can always explain to your child, that another child did not want to hurt him and he behaves so badly, because he has not reached an understanding yet how good and easy is to live in friendship and love.

And advice your child – that instead of being resentful, he could show an example how to act and make everyone happy and cheerful.

That’s how in practice he will learn the Law of the Universe “An external reflects the internal.”

Responding with Love to an aggression of another child, he will see how the behavior of his offender will change and how good they will play together.

It works instantly with children, because their subtle bodies still have not absorbed within the programs of 3D world and their actions have spontaneous character.

Second. Your inner state and your own example will be the most solid argument, that any conflict and misunderstanding is possible to resolve with Love only.

The children see and feel absolutely everything.

It is impossible to deceive them with any words.

They live with their feelings, which means they feel the energy you radiate, and not your external expressions.

That’s why, you often cannot understand your child. His behavior often seems unexplainable to you, but sometimes he suffers only because he feels your inner stress, your fears and resentments, your worry and insecurity…

All that immediately transfers to your child, who being unable to explain his inner discomfort, begins to behave capriciously, seemingly without any reason.

Therefore, dear ones, if you want to see your children happy and healthy, you have to reach a calm and harmonious state, and then your child will be transformed before your eyes, purified by your energies of the highest vibrations.

We will stop here today.

Father – Absolute, who loves your without measure, has spoken to you

Channeled by Marta on May 21, 2018

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