ascension-in-action-the-primer-of-5dGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our conversation about the children, who are going to live on 5D Earth.

The time has come to prepare the teachers, who first of all have to possess an esoteric knowledge, because in our times the Laws of the Universe must be at the cornerstone of an education, and these Laws combine very well with all  educational subjects.

Such synthesis of an esoteric and practical knowledge will allow to educate the man of the future, who will possess a clear understanding that everything in his life depends on him, on his energy component, on his ability to realize himself as a particle of the Universe, and at the same time to feel his unity with any person he meets on his path.

An Upbringing and Education, based on the Divine component, will help young citizens of Earth to realize their responsibility for themselves (their Souls), for people around them, for their country and for entire planet.

So far, an alternative education is build haphazardly by the method of trial and error, because the basis of such education is not created yet – the subjects, that must become some kind of the Primer of 5D, are not determined yet.

What has to be the foundation of such a Primer?

First of all, the Law of Unity of the Universe – a clear understanding that planet Earth is a part of an enormous Galactic family and its full – pledged member.

Second, a revelation about an energy essence of all the beings on Earth, in the Galaxy, and in the Universe.

In other words, a person must clearly understand that energy is everything, which means it’s necessary to learn how to control this energy, creating a desirable reality.

A child must feel different energies as good as he can sense smells and sounds.

It is necessary to revive such organs of feelings as third eye, pituitary and pineal glands, that has become atrophied during a long time in 3D world.

It’s necessary to teach a child from an early childhood, that besides regular sensory organs a man has chakras; which are his subtle sensory organs, that acutely react to any inner expression of emotions; which are not visible for the regular sight for the man himself and for the people surrounding him.

And third, the Law of Reflection and the Law of Cause and Effect must become the main landmarks on their life paths, which will teach them how to live happily and harmoniously with themselves and the world.

The higher vibrations, that are filling the Earth now, will be your main helpers in the transformation of an educational system, the very space around the children of the future will be filled with the new knowledge, which will reach them as Divine codes, encoded in the “crystals” of 5D.

It will be your only task to teach children the practical application of the Laws of the Universe.

You need to learn how to see an expression of these Laws in everyday activities, and to control them as you control your cars; it means to which side you “turn” your thoughts and emotions, in that direction your life is “moving.”

I understand, dear ones, that the schools of the future cannot be established quick enough, but the time is not waiting; therefore, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers must start educating a child – all those, who are near the children and, who feel they have the power and the skills to teach them some necessary knowledge; which will determine their life path and will teach to live according to the Great Laws of the Universe.

And I bless you for that!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channeled by Marta on May 20, 2018

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