gin-let-out-of-the-bottleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic and talk about the current events on Earth.

As you see, they are getting increasingly tense and, at first sight, everything is running according to the plans of the deep state.

While, actually, they have already driven out of their control.

It is possible to say that the “gin” they let out of the bottle is starting to live not according to their rules but its own life this time.

And this is what I mean.

The Arab-Israel conflict unleashed by the deep state’s marionettes is acquiring the course that goes beyond the frames designed by them initially.

And it is explained by the fact that too vigourous was the respond to it shown by the global community and, before all, common people.

The atrocities that have never been witnessed before and inflicted in regards to the peaceful population of Israel have driven beyond the limits of usual military actions and it was beyond the depth of those who initiated the conflict to prevent them.

Among the terrorists who participated in the operation on intervention into Israel territory there were a lot of clones who were programmed for hatred.

And these creatures, lacking a Divine Soul, with their heads being turned with unexpected success, did not see any bounds of brutality with which they were treating the peaceful inhabitants who were taken aback.

It came as a surprise even to those who arranged this intervention since it was impossible not to react to such actions this time – the Israeli would not forgive this to their government.

So, someone’s hatred that exceeded any imaginable bounds has bred the reciprocal hatred of some others.

And since the representatives of both these nations are dissipated all over the globe, the “fire” that blazed up got spread all over your planet very fast.

And its “hotbeds” result in even more victims among the peaceful population, which you can now observe in Europe, for example.

Well, what was the initial purpose of the deep state that has unleashed this war?

First of all, it is decrease of Earth and humanity’s vibrations due to people’s pain and sorrow.

And, surely, the leading corporations’ profit since it is wars that bring them the largest benefit.

For globalists it came as a great surprise that the clones created by them can get out of their control and start acting in a more cruel way than it was originally enjoined by their masters.

They did not take into account the fact that the energy of violence reaching a certain concentration can influence not only people but even clones provoking their actions that are out of their developers’ control.

As a result, in this region there has arisen an unpredictable and volatile situation when war is being made not according to the rules set by the shadow government but exceptionally by the emotions of the people who are bursting with hatred to each other.

But I would like you to know that whatever the outcome of this conflict, your Galaxy brothers will not let unleash the global war – what you call “World War III” since it will then interfere with the Universe scale plans on transition of your Earth and pure mature souls to the Fifth dimension.

This process has already been launched and is impossible to stop despite all the contrivance of the Forces of Dark who are still at the helm of your planet.

Try not to get emotionally involved into the current events, my dear, since it will just make the situation aggravated.

Instead of this as often as possible do the meditation “For the complete and ultimate victory of the Forces of Light on Earth” and use for this the Flame of Universe Love and the Energy of the Great Central Sun.

It is really essential to formulate your intention just like this not putting into it your personal vision of the events in progress as it can hamper the work of the Forces of Light at the subtle level of Earth.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 28, 2023.

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