stage-scenery-will-soon-collapseGreetings, my dear beloved children!

My today’s message will be somewhat unexpected to you since, as you have probably noticed, it is not typical of me to comment on the events taking place on Earth in detail.

I would like you to think independently, rely on your intuition and make your own conclusions.

But now I find it necessary to tell you in some details about what is happening on your planet since I see that even the firmest of you are a little at a loss and stake it all on the person that the Dark forces are trying to deprive of authority.

Those of you who have moved away from the media totally mendacious and rotten through and have got involved into real life facts study understand the current situation perfectly well and know that the Light Forces representatives incarnated as humans have already started to work bringing to life a clear-cut plan on humanity rescue.

Yet, sometimes you are also misled by the fact that almost in all the countries of the world measures are being made tougher to address the so-called pandemic impact, though it is not justified at all.

Why does this happen?

The only reason is that it is the way that collective reptiloid conscience works.

Frightened to death by the fact of the Light Forces’ operation having been launched the top of the world government runs the fear down to the middle and low level of their representatives and field-employees.

Therefore, this FEAR has now seized all the reptiloid “community” on Earth, yet, at the physical level it shows in a variety of ways – depending on the social rank this or that representative of this race finds themselves at.

Thus, the management who are used to feeling support from above and do not realize what actually is going on at the backstage of the world politics keep on dutifully executing their bosses’ orders.

But this fervor results from the same fear not to turn out overboard or deserted by their patrons at the supreme moment because “animal” intuition of reptiloids still prompts them there are upcoming crucial events they do not quite understand so far.

Besides, having got used to living according to certain programmes, they cannot break them in their conscience that does not suppose the right for choice.

As for the low level reptiloids – the so-called the man in the crowd – they live in the fear for their life and are ready to do anything to save it – up till vaccination and chipping.

And they actually have nothing to lose since they are overwhelmed by certain programmes of their collective conscience anyway.

Vehement strife against the Light Forces is carried on by the stratum of reptiloids who were introduced into government structures and who will personally have to answer for all the crimes against humanity committed for centuries by their invisible puppeteers.

This is exactly what you are watching now.

Of course, among these “people” there are representatives of other low vibration races, too including the Orions, yet, the overwhelming majority of them are reptiloids and half-reptiloids.

This last fight will not last long, and I would not really like you to get involved into this struggle either in terms of energy or mentality thereby impairing your vibrations.

The best thing you can do is to visualize the new world of the renewed Earth imbued with Love and Light, Unity and Brotherhood, Respect to each other and endless Creativity for the good of all the inhabitants of your planet.

As for the physical level, start calm systematic enlightening work in your immediate environment and you will be supported by the series of my messages on this issue.

Maintain the power of Spirit and Faith in your Soul!

Right now really a lot depends on you – the best representatives of humanity!

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 14, 2021.

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