Ascension in Action (Golden Ray)

ascension-in-action-golden-rayGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we’ll move to the next practice, which we will call “The Golden Ray.”

This practice as well as a previous practice “The Unity of Tree” does not require a meditative state, but meant to teach you how to immediately evaluate a situation and how to react to it not as a person of 3D world, but as a being of higher realms, already possessing the consciousness of the Divine being.

I’d like this practice to enter your life naturally and with every practice to reactivate your third eye more and more, until it would permanently open and become your polar star for all times.

And below is the meaning of the practice.

During communication with any person, in your mind activate your third eye. Feel it on physical level.

And then ask it for help. Let it evaluate the situation and suggest you the necessary words and actions.

But first look carefully at your companion, sense him: feel how the light of the golden ray radiates from your third eye.

It envelops this person, penetrating into his soul, revealing his true essence – what he hides from others, being afraid to appear as weak, dumb, unskilled, and that’s why tries to appear important through external artificial expressions.

And believe me, dear ones, it won’t be an invasion into the inner world of the person, but only the opening of his true self, his divinity.

That way you could become acquainted with his Soul, and not with his human qualities.

And if with your physical vision you would see only external expressions, with your third eye – his inner essence.

Such communication would be beneficial for both of you and that’s why.

If your third eye is already activated, it means that you are already on such level of spiritual development when you can’t harm anyone, because all your thoughts and actions are filled with the energy of Love.

Which means that your “golden ray” focused on your companion could only lighten up with Divine energy all that he is going to say or do in relation to you.

Your communication assumes another character – on the levels of the souls.

And if another person is still stays at the power of 3D world, his soul would surely respond to your inner message, and it would suggest to him another decision, which may surprise himself.

Believe me, dear ones, such energetic communication is capable to create miracles, especially if you would be able to turn off your mind and give the stage to your soul.

With your “golden ray” “scan” anyone whom you’ll meet on your path, warm them up with your Light, free their souls from the bondage of conventionality of 3D, help them to open up, throwing off themselves all the alien artificial expressions.

And I bless your for that!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 10, 2018

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