WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Fourth dimension run-in)

window-on-new-world-fourth-dimension-run-inGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to summarize my previous messages on your sense organs’ interaction with new high vibration energies.

As you see, such interaction varies from person to person in accordance with your personal subtle tuning.

Some people perceive new energies more with the help of hearing, others have more developed inner vision, while still others can catch energy smells and in some cases people have all subtle sense organs involved and for them the fourth dimension now acquires clear, almost physically perceived contours.

It most often shows up in the fact that at some moments you start seeing the reality around you from a different perspective with open eyes: in a more voluminous, brighter way and sometimes in a reflected space.

This way, you are made prepared for Transition by being shown the changes so far hardly visible, yet, quite perceivable: to the extent for you to be able, physically remaining in the third dimension world, to see its “ideal” “picture”.

Of course, it is “ideal” for the time being in comparison to duller colours of the present reality around you.

But it is just the fourth dimension now – the intermediary stage of people’s entry to the Fifth dimension.

But gradually “falling out” of the existing reality will occur to you more and more often, especially when you find yourselves far away from big cities with their chaotic atmosphere motley in terms of energy that prevents one from plunging deep into oneself.

In the course of time your inner vision will be growing into outer one, which is already happening to some of you when opening eyes after deep meditations, you notice shifts in space, changes in its volume and different colour brightness.

This way your inner state of complete peace and harmony gets reflected outwards, and you start to see the ideal version of the space around you.

Simultaneously space and time border lines disappear too, as a result of which it seems to you that everything around you has acquired different parameters – not those of the third dimension world this time but of higher dimensions.

And believe me, my dear, is true: it is not hallucinations or your rich imagination.

When you plunge deep into yourselves having become completely switched off from the third dimension world energies, you unintentionally merge with the new energies of Earth and begin seeing its renewed version – the planet of the fourth dimension.

Such a new world “run-in” can sometimes be accompanied with an increasing ringing noise in ears and even unfamiliar unearthly scents.

You can also see with the naked eye now the vibrations of air and a colourful pattern of new high vibration energies it consists of.

All this is very close now, my dear, yet, I would like to repeat myself: do not speed up the events, do not try to incite such visions, smells or sounds artificially.

It can just retard the process of your final entry to the world of the fourth dimension.

Everything should take a natural course and occur at the moment when your conscience and body are absolutely ready for it.

But to make such a moment closer, as often as possible try to be in the country and do meditations on filling yourselves and your planet with the Energy of Ascension.

This way you will be anchoring this energy at Earth and finding yourselves immediately in its flow feel the energy and visual changes taking place around you.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 22, 2022.

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