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"Real spirituality lies in completely dissolving oneself in Unconditional Love for everyone and for everything in the world. It is a complete absence of judgment, criticism, and control of other people. It is a complete inner freedom from stereotypes and cliches of behavior and lifestyle, imposed on people. It is such state of the soul when the soul wants to sing all the time, and when not a single negative thought or emotion could even come close to such a person, because they are encircled by the impenetrable veil of Love.""

God - Father


Our Mutual Ascension (Energy tuning)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I’d like to continue our conversation about an emotional body and how  to take care of it and protect it from the energy attacks. As I have told you in a previous message, it is precisely an emotional body that takes upon itself the first hit from the negative energies, which a person radiates outside. Therefore, understanding that all your emotions carry within itself the energies of certain vibrations, you need to learn how to regulate them like...


Our Mutual Ascension (Emotional Body)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Thus, let’s continue our conversation about learning how to regulate the energetic processes in your bodies. And if in previous messages we have spoken about the energy components as a whole, now we’ll look at each of the bodies separately. We’ll start with the emotional body, because it is the most vulnerable for the human beings. And that is why. The emotional body takes upon itself the first impression of everything a person meets on his path, the...


Our Mutual Ascension (The Dance of Love)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today’s message must become a certain milestone on your spiritual path, because I’ll explain you how to learn to take charge of your energy flows. Imagine your body as a multilayered silhouette: a physical body surrounded by the multicolored layers of the ethereal, emotional, mental, causal, buddhic, and atmic bodies. Each of them is filled with corresponding energies. And the further away is such a body from the physical one, the more rarified energies it...


Our Mutual Ascension (The Palette of your emotions)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Let’s continue our conversation about the fifth chakra, this great worker, that transmits your inner strivings into the outer world. To help you better understand a mechanism of the energy cooperation of all your chakras, let’s imagine the body of a person as a multicolored Divine vessel, separated by the unseen dividers into seven parts, according to the colors of your chakras. When a person stays in a relatively calm and and harmonious state, each chakra...


Light expels Darkness

Greetings, my dear beloved children! Today I’d like to tell you what have changed on the earth’s subtle plane in the last past months. First, The axis of Earth has shifted for several more degrees. And, as you can see, it has lead to the weather anomalies and to the next round of “shaking” of the Earth crust. But it also has a positive side. These changes has lead to an increase in the Earth vibrations, and as a result the Earth is able to sort out the inhabitants of the astral plane...


Our Mutual Ascension (Divine Filter)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Let’s continue our conversation about the fifth chakra. Today we’ll talk about its cooperation with other chakras. As it has already been said in the previous message, your self-expression directly depends upon the energies, which nourish the throat chakra. And that’s how it happens in practice. For example, let’s look at the two extremes – the lowest energies of the first chakra and the highest of the seventh chakra. A deeply material person,...


Our Mutual Ascension (Self-expression)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we are moving to the study of the next chakra – fifth or throat chakra. This chakra carries an enormous energy load, because it is responsible for everything that a person “spills out” into the world surrounding him. Like the heart chakra, it acts like a “lightening rod,” trying to neutralize or at least soften negative energies, which burst out of the person at the moments of anger, despair, or resentment. On physical plane, it appears as...


Our Mutual Ascension (Love is quiet and silent)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! To finish our conversation about the heart chakra, I’d like to reveal to you it’s another characteristic, which as a rule escapes you. It is the chakra’s ability not only to dissolve negative energies within it, but also to calm all the excessive emotions, even positive ones. Human beings have a tendency to go into extremes, such as joys and sorrows, sadness and fun, love and hatred, excitement and disappointment. Very few people are able to find a golden...


Our Mutual Ascension (The Border Region)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I would like to continue our conversation about your heart chakra and to disclose to you another one of its characteristics. And that’s what it is. This chakra is an indicator of the level of vibrations for a person; another words, the level of his spirituality and at the same time it “regulates” his energy currents. The scale, which indicates the level of vibrations, does not have a limit, because our Universe is unlimited. Every soul, after...


Our Mutual Ascension (Depository of Love)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Thus, let’s begin our practical sessions. Let’s move from the simple to the complex, gradually mastering new sensory organs, which from now on would be not less important than the physical ones. Let’s begin with the heart chakra, which is already well developed among the great majority of the people, who are engaged in spiritual practices. We would leave the three lower chakras in the third dimension, because their role has been mainly to help you survive...


Our Mutual Ascension (The Subtle Sensory Organs)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we will move to the next theme, which I consider very important for us. It has to do with your sensitivity to the subtle energies and your ability to feel them. Each of you is unique and special, and each of you perceives subtle world differently, depending on which sense of perception is developed better. Those of you who already have worked as healers, know perfectly well how differently people perceive the energies. Someone is seeing energies as color...


Our Mutual Ascension (Living with your Soul)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I would like to sum up three messages, in which I have explained how to unite with your Soul and to hear its suggestions. I’d like to explain to you one more time why it is so important to live with your Soul right now – at the juncture of two epochs, two dimensions, and two worlds. Without it, dear ones, it would be impossible to go through the Shift, because a fifth dimensional space is a space of the subtle energies, and so far only your Soul,...

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