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"Real spirituality lies in completely dissolving oneself in Unconditional Love for everyone and for everything in the world. It is a complete absence of judgment, criticism, and control of other people. It is a complete inner freedom from stereotypes and cliches of behavior and lifestyle, imposed on people. It is such state of the soul when the soul wants to sing all the time, and when not a single negative thought or emotion could even come close to such a person, because they are encircled by the impenetrable veil of Love.""

God - Father


Our Mutual Ascension (Rely on yourself)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we’ll continue our conversation about the sixth chakra, and reveal you its  other characteristic. This chakra serves as a connecting element between your human and Divine essence. After you activate your third eye, only the last step will remain for your direct communication with the Higher Forces of the Universe. And today we’ll speak about what you must do to activate the abilities of your chakra to the maximum. First of all, you must remember that...


Our Mutual Ascension (Sixth Chakra)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we’ll continue our conversation about your sixth chakra. I’ll tell you about its role in human life now – in the period of your shift into the higher dimension, and how it is possible to reanimate its original functions. But first of all, I want to warn you that it is not possible for every person, but only for those who could raise their consciousness, which also means vibrations, to the level of at least fourth dimension. And there are enough...


Our Mutual Ascension (Connection with Divine aspects)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we’ll cover more complex material. We’ll start studying the buddhic and atmic bodies, and also their sensory organs – sixth and seventh chakras, which are the bridge, connecting you with your Divine essence, which also helps you to communicate with the subtle world. Unfortunately, there are still very few people on Earth, whose sixth and seventh chakras are open and developed enough to allow them to communicate with the Higher Powers. There are...


Our Mutual Ascension (Cliches and stereotypes of the Causal body)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I would like to conclude our conversation about the causal body and tell you of its other characteristic. And that’s what it is. In spite of being the body of fairly high vibrations, causal body sometimes contains within itself a collection of cliches and stereotypes. But they already have a different character than the ones in the lower bodies. They could be called “spiritual stereotypes.” It pertains to religious dogmas, philosophical teachings,...


Our Mutual Ascension (Executor of the Divine Laws)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I would like to continue our conversation about the causal body, revealing to you its another function. Besides its “analytical abilities,” of which we have spoken in my previous message, it has another ability to accumulate within itself the energy, governing your thoughts and emotions. And that’s what it means. After your thoughts and emotions go through the causal body and undergo the energy “processing,” they return to the world, having...


Our Mutual Ascension (Causal Body)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we’ll start talking about the next body – the causal one, which can be considered your “analytical center.” It is precisely where your deductions and conclusions are made, as a result of your prolonged thinking, analyzing the facts and different reasons for the events that happened with you. The Causal body “processes” the material, which is supplied by the mental body in the form of all kinds of thoughts and emotions that it...


Our Mutual Ascension (Mental Body’s specificity)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I’d like to conclude our conversation about mental body and to reveal a mechanism of its collaboration with the other subtle bodies of humans. Because mental body like its sensory organ – the heart chakra – is located in the middle, on the border separating the earthy and heavenly expressions of a person, it is some kind of a buffer between the three lower and three higher bodies. Therefore, besides its direct functions, it carries in itself...



Greetings, our dear earthlings! Today I am instructed to give you a message from the Galactic Federation of Light. We will discuss your readiness for the changes, which will be happening much faster and be more tangible with every day. Your Earth can be compared with the cosmic ship, which is preparing for a start. The period for preparation is now finished: the system of control is developed,  the tanks are filled with the “fuel” from the higher vibrational energies of Love, which has...


Our Mutual Ascension (Mental stereotypes)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today we’d like to continue our conversation about mental body. We’ll discuss its ability to accumulate within it all the stereotypes and cliches of the three dimensional world, which when combined create all the programs – mental mindsets, which block your forward movement towards the new level of life, based on the spiritual and not the material values. And now let’s try to find out how it happens and what could be done, so you can get rid of the...


Our Mutual Ascension (Mental body)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Thus, let’s continue our conversation about the subtle energy organs and move from the emotional to mental body. As you understand, they are closely connected with each other, as well as with your thoughts and emotions. The thoughts nourish and warm up your emotions, because they enclose them into images; they have dialogues with your “wrongdoers,” compelling a person to experience the unpleasant moments again and again. As a rule, it is precisely...


Our Mutual Ascension (The Golden Sphere)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! My today’s message is a small diversion from our topic. I’d like to speak with you about the subject which is relevant for many of you. And our subject is how to reconcile the ever growing dissonance between your inner state and your surroundings. I see that for many of you it becomes a barrier for your continual spiritual growth. It has been said many times already, that all disharmonious people and situations are given to enable you to go through your...


Our Mutual Ascension (Practice “Echo”)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I’d like to conclude our conversation about the emotional body and give you one more practice, which will teach you how to “hear” and feel it. Let’s call it “Echo” because in essence it’s a communication with your emotional body; being able to catch the “Echo,” which responds to your call. You don’t need to sit in meditation for this practice. It’s goal – is to make a habit of your communication with your emotional body, learn...

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