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"Real spirituality lies in completely dissolving oneself in Unconditional Love for everyone and for everything in the world. It is a complete absence of judgment, criticism, and control of other people. It is a complete inner freedom from stereotypes and cliches of behavior and lifestyle, imposed on people. It is such state of the soul when the soul wants to sing all the time, and when not a single negative thought or emotion could even come close to such a person, because they are encircled by the impenetrable veil of Love.""

God - Father


Our Mutual Ascension (Dialogue with your Soul)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! In continuation of my previous message, today we’ll discuss how to  learn to “speak” with your Soul. After you reach a complete mastery of merging with your soul and her being on the physical plane, the next step would be to establish your “dialogue.” But do not forget, dear ones, to protect your channel of communication with the Soul, calling on myself, Archangel Michael, all your Spiritual guides. You must do that until the time, when you learn to...


Our Mutual Ascension (Getting Acquainted with your Soul)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Thus, let’s continue our conversation about learning how to converse with your Soul. Today I’ll give you one practice which would help you to make a “physical contact” with the Soul, which is important. And that is why. Now, the channel of clairvoyance is opening among many of you. And as it has been said many times, the astral beings of very different levels attempt to use it; because they also take part in the process of the Earth Ascension, being...


Our Mutual Ascension (Lead me, my Soul)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I’d like to tell you how to learn to hear your Soul – to talk with your Higher Self. Now it becomes especially important, because you can make the last step, separating you from the Shift, only after merging with your Soul completely. I’ll share with you my experience – how I’ve been able to do that, while incarnated in the body of Yeshua. My merging with the Soul have happened during my stay in Agartha. There the Priests have taught me...


Our Mutual Ascension (The Energy Embrace)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! In continuation of meditation, which I have given you in a previous message, I’d like to tell you how to remain on that level, which you have reached after merging with your Soul and assuming the consciousness of the Divine human. I understand, dear ones, how it is difficult to do, being in a third dimensional world, where the energy of chaos rules. Every day and every hour, many of you are subjected to attacks from the people with lower vibrations, from the...


Our Mutual Ascension (Assuming Consciousness of the Divine Human)

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I’d like to gift you with one practice, which would help you to realize the power hidden in your consciousness and how it could influence your body; when you are in a state close to the one that Indians call nirvana. If you could master this practice, you would gain Faith in your power and would sense your Divinity. It is very important to carry this meditation in a state of complete peace and harmony, after freeing your soul from the burden of daily...


Our Mutual Ascension

Greetings, my dear beloved souls! Today I would like to start a new series of messages named “Our Mutual Ascension.” Why have I decided to choose such a specific name? I know that many of you associate a new stage of the development of humanity with the Second Coming of Christ. During your numerous incarnations, you have absorbed into yourself this information and this very concept is already in your flesh and blood, in your deep memory. It has become a symbol of the new beautiful life and...


The Connecting Link

Greetings, our dear earthlings! Today we decided to tell you about our work, so you may have a complete picture of what kind of help is given to you by the friendly alien civilizations. Perhaps, our work is more modest in scope than the work of the Arcturias, Andromedians, and Sirians, but we think it is not less important. Our work consists of us being a connecting link between the alien civilizations and civilizations, inhabiting your planet in the parallel worlds and dimensions, and we...


Unification of energies

Greetings, our dear earthlings! We have come here today to tell you about our role in assisting the Shift of the Earth into the fifth dimensional space. Because the energies coming to Earth have assumed different  qualities and vibrations, starting from the New Year and especially from mid January, we use all our forces to help people adapt to them, without harm to their health, physical and emotional. And that’s what we do for that. We have developed a certain plan of actions, which...


Balancing the human consciousness

Greetings, our dear earthlings! We have come to you today to tell you about the nature of our work here on earth. It is a very crucial period of time on Earth now, when the reconstruction of the entire system of human values in the consciousness of the people is happening, but at the same time the events of the material plane continue to develop, according to the old scenario. These events do not fulfill the expectations of the people, and do not catch up with the growth in the human...


Solar eclipse

Today I deflect from my theme, because of the event that is going to happen, which is capable to completely influence your subtle bodies, and I’d like you to spend it consciously. The solar eclipse, which is expected on Earth tomorrow, will be a milestone which will finally separate the third dimensional world from the new energy space that your planet have already entered. How could it influence you, dear ones? First of all, there would be a considerable raising of the level of vibrations,...


Purification of the ozone layer of Earth

Greetings, our dear earthlings! Today we would like to share with you the last news, connected with our assistance to Earth with its shift into the Fifth dimension. As you already know, according to the plan developed by the Galactic Federation, each of its members contributes into the common cause of saving the earth. Our work is maintaining the ozone layer in a state which is safe for you. Very much has been said and written about the destruction of the ozone layer and the kind of danger it...


News from the Galactic Federation of Light (February 10, 2018)

Greetings, our dear earthlings! The Galactic Federation of Light instructed me to give you the following message. After the moon eclipse when the moon has been colored red, your earth made an enormous jump into the new level of vibrations. I know that many of you have noticed that based on your physical and psychological state. At the same time, the Dark forces on the astral plane and the reptiloids, incarnated in the human bodies, has became very active. If such “a shake up” positively...

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