transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-asking-for-a-danceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about your attitude to your nearest and dearest whose conscience and physical bodies unlike yours are still totally within the power of the third dimension world.

How can you harmonize relationships in your family when stratification according to vibration frequency among all the family members is drastically gaining in scale?

We have talked a lot about the fact that only energy influence can be useful in this case since for a person who has not “awoken” yet any words whatever fine and right will be just an additional irritant and will only encourage the alienation between you to become even more apparent.

But now when you yourselves have already bridged the gap between the third and the Fifth dimensions your energy abilities have enhanced many times, and you get the opportunity to become the “catalyst” of your close people’s conscience transformation.

But it can happen only if their own Soul is striving for this and just needs some support from outside to embark on the path of Ascension.

Thus, if your family members’ Souls have chosen another way – that of further gaining the third dimension worlds’ experience – your influence will have no effect.

At this point it is really essential for you to take it as it is – with no regrets and reproaches paying respect to the choice of your close people’s Soul.

You can just offer somebody the chance to rise upwards – giving them a helping hand, but it is up to the person themselves whether to accept this assistance or to reject it.

This is where your ability not to divide people into “ins and outs” will show itself, for it is quite likely that your assistance will be taken gladly by “outs” who in essence will turn out to be your kindred Souls, while “ins” will turn out to be young and rather inexperienced Souls who have been attracted to you for rapid gaining of the third dimension world experience.

And now I will give you a universal practice that will help you not getting emotionally involved and not expecting some apparent results to share the energy of the Fifth dimension with everybody around.

This energy is living and intelligent.

It can initiate interaction with human souls itself when it gets in their energy space and provide them with chance to grow spiritually.

So, let us call the practice “Asking for a dance”.

Do not get surprised at the name, for you know now that it is the practices done easily and jolly that become really effective because they do not turn into boring routine.

You do not need to reach a meditative state for this practice.

But wherever you are – at home, at work, in the open air – imagine the crystal particles of your new light crystalline body you clearly perceive now interacting in terms of energy with the body molecules of the people around you as if asking them for a dance.

They demonstrate them their lightness, beauty, weightless and Divinity offering them to join and to charge with their high vibration energy…

And those able to be pulled to you according to vibrations will accept the offer by all means.

Their Souls will accept the invitation with delight, while the conscience and body of the person will start eagerly absorb these dear and native Divine energies you are generously sharing with.

And if this practice becomes your habit you will give chance to grow spiritually for a huge amount of people – everybody you will come across in life.

And I bless you for this, my dear ones!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 24, 2019.

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