stake-ones-allGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to draw your attention to some details of the events taking place on Earth.

After the first wave of panic and fear caused by the new virus that appeared in the world and the quarantine resulted from it has rushed back, the ruling top of the world having failed to achieve the expected result is now desperately thinking over the plan of further actions aimed at resumption of panic mood in humans in order to keep Earth vibrations at the level of the third dimension.

I would like you, my dear, to realize to a full extent that there is in progress a real energy war between your planet inhabitants for survival.

And while at the physical level victory is still held by reptiloids having actual power on Earth in their grip, at the subtle level they are being beaten hollow.

Now being within hair’s breadth of death they pull their forces all around the world to work out a new action programme.

It is not at all improbable that there will soon be announced meetings at the highest level with the “noblest”, at first sight, intentions.

The heads of the leading countries of the world will start working out measures on “humanity rescue” using the fine words about people’s health and well-being as a cover.

What will in truth stand behind their actions?

Before all, the desire to maintain their supremacy on the planet, which now is possible in one way available to them: mass chipping of the population to exercise total control over human conscience.

The vaccine containing such microchips has been around for a long time, and they are just waiting for the fear for one’s life to reach its climax among the majority of Earth population.

And then they will declare this the only “saving” remedy for people to save their life.

They have already realized that they cannot win humans in terms of energy since the latter enjoy the uncontestable advantage of the Divine light energy that each pure human soul features over the dark heavy energy reptiloids’ existence is based on.

And now, in this complicated situation really a lot depends on you, my dear.

Having become the conductors of the high vibration energies showering Earth nowadays, you can not only contribute to the purification of Earth and collective human conscience but also help a great number of “half-bred” humans who have two souls neighbouring in their physical bodies – a human soul and that of a reptiloid’s, a human soul and that of an orion’s and many more quite exotic combinations of different souls.

And creatures like that are plenty on Earth.

Imbuing human souls of such creatures with Divine energies you will facilitate the expulsion of alien souls from their physical bodies whose sacred space was illegally intruded into and will, therefore, multiple the number of pure human souls on Earth rescued from captivity.

It is them being the strongest, purest and most ancient souls who have taken the courage to choose a life as hard as that and the neighbours in one physical body as unusual in desire to live through the experience they have never had before.

And when they get free from these neighbours the people will stop coming back and forth being always torn apart by contradictions they cannot explain to themselves, the ones that arise from the struggle for survival of the souls inhabiting their body.

And this, my dear, will be one more victory of yours that will enable to increase vibrations of collective human conscience manifold and, consequently, of Earth as a whole.

During your meditations ask for the complete deliverance of pure human souls from captivity.

Support them, my dear. They are in need of this as ever because Ascension of Earth is at hand.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 22, 2020.

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  1. Thank you. They Will be done. Thank you for your Love. Much appreciated your blessings and Love.

    Maria E

  2. Marie Monet says:

    I hve been trying VERY HARD fr some time to get rid of the 2soul personalities in onebody?! Especially in Andre Varela, who I treat like my son?! The God side, his soul side, keeps pushing him to listen to me, as he is on the spiritual side, but after 3 days time that reptalian showes its ugly head, n bring out anger in him, n try to drag me into arguing so that thing can hve an energy feast?!I hve done it all,n all u said also, Andre hs gotten better, but that thing is so impeded in him, it needs A STRONGER FORCE TO GET RID OF IT, N IT KNOWS I KNOW ITS THERE.?! I ask, where is Andre to it, n it says Andre left a long time ago,?! Dhuh?! So WE NEED MORE HELP OF SOMETHING IN ORDER TO HELP HIM, N OTHERS I SEE IN SAME SITUATION, BUT AT 83 YRS OLD MY ENERGY IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH, SO LETS SEE WHAT NEEDs TO BE DONE TO PRODUCE RESULTS?! Will continue this important subject tomorrow?! I read all your wonderful knowledge u bring to us, as updates as things r happening?! So grateful for your caring *** Marie monet


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