your-future-depends-on-each-of-youGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today what is at issue is your attitude to the growing tension in all spheres of your life.

As you have probably guessed now there is beginning the decisive fight between the world government and the revived part of humanity.

It is during these autumn months when your destiny is decided on and it depends on each of you.

For the time being, in spite of the growing number of protests and the increasing amount of true information about coronavirus the odds are in favour of official powers who obediently follow the instructions of the hidden world government.

And nowadays the situation is such that in many countries besides restriction of freedom of travel and obligatory masking that literally kills hundreds of thousands of people social tension is escalating, too.

Economic crisis and psychological stress have resulted in some countries finding themselves on the brink of civil war.

The things taking place on Earth now can with no exaggeration be called the beginning of apocalypse.

Translated from Greek it means “revelation”.

This is exactly what is going on all around the globe.

There are being disclosed evil deeds of those who have been ruling the world for thousands of years, all their plans on human conscience enslavement and people’s lives and destinies control.

All the levers of power have been brought to bear: social, financial and political.

All kinds of fear are initiated in a person: for oneself and one’s close people, for one’s present and future.

Their will is being suppressed and excessive fines are introduced for any instruction infraction.

One is made to face the dilemma: either to choose obligatory vaccination or to lose a job.

Even children have not been shown mercy to as they were also made to wear face masks, which has already caused many cases of severe diseases and even deaths.

This way, my dear, you are being tested for durability in an attempt to identify how real it is to bring to life the plan of general digitalization of the planet’s population worked out by reptiloids that is to establish total control over you.

And since alongside with this earthly experiment on people there takes place another one – universe experiment on Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension, the situation turns out really unique.

There is going on unceasing energy confrontation between the Dark and the Light Forces both on Earth herself and at her subtle level.

This confrontation has involved whole cities, countries and all inhabitants of the planet.

It has also had effect on your personal life having created mini-“apocalypses” in many families.

The negative impact of everything mentioned above is obvious but I would like to show you the advantages of the chaos that has started on Earth.

All the things happening on your planet now are designed to dispose definitely and irreversibly everything in the modern society turning it “inside-out” and to make people open their eyes on those who perverted the Divine substance of man depriving humanity of the universal and family values usual to them.

All the recent decades people have been pressed on with the dirtiest, most vulgar, indecent and disgusting things, including all kinds of perversions that now are not simply gaining official status but are being introduced as trendy and widely advertised in the mass media.

Everything is being done open – impudently and cynically – so as none has any doubts on who rules the world and where humanity is being directed to by the NON-humans who seized power on Earth.

Unfortunately, this is the only way – through pains and sorrows – for the human part of your planet’s population to revive, which is the case all over the planet right now.

But the main thing is not to stop at what has been accomplished.

Go on, my dear, calmly but decisively defending your rights using all the means available to you.

Show Unity, not aggression, Power of Spirit, not weakness, Love, not hatred.

And let unshakeable Belief in your strength accompany you every single moment of your life.

Invoke the help of all the Higher Powers of the Universe and all your Galaxy brothers!

I bless you, my dear, and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 5, 2020.

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