transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-endless-creativityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about the Energy of Creator in more details.

This energy cannot decrease its vibrations lower than those of your fifth chakra’s.

Its main task is to awaken human creative potential.

And this is how it is expressed at the subtle level.

When you invoke this energy it comes to you through the seventh and sixth chakras and then descends to the fifth one and starts working at your throat chakra and the causal body.

What is its responsibility?

Before all, it is in clearing the fifth “chakra” from all the “litter” of the third dimension world.

The word “litter” means all the stereotyped beliefs imposed on you from without – the notions you are used to operating with for many and many centuries of existence in the third dimension world.

Thereby there takes place deep cleansing of your main creativity “tool” from the things not typical of your individuality, the things that prevent you from self-expression based on personal experience, which does not allow your talents and abilities to revive, the ones that are endowed to each and every person with no exceptions.

This amazing energy takes off layer by layer the “soot” of the third dimension world with its conditional character and suppression of everyone’s unique individuality.

It reveals their genuine substance – pure, Divine and unique.

Thanks to it your fifth chakra starts opening like a beautiful Lotus flower, while your causal body starts perceiving the world in a different manner.

Having been purified, this wonderful body begins to absorb all the very best around you.

You start feeling nature like a living being detecting all its exquisite colours, sounds, all their shades and nuances.

You begin realizing the best qualities in people that are often hidden behind an estrangement mask.

You feel their wonderful souls hiding inside the “shell” from the threats of the third dimension world.

In a word, you start treating your environment and people around you from the perspective of your spiritual vision now.

And everything you do is initiated not by your Mind but is inspired by the bottom of your Heart: now you think and act not according to ready-made patterns but in consistence with your intuition listening to yourself, not to those trying to impose alien notions and mental and behaviour stereotypes on you.

It is possible to say that the Energy of Creator “breaks the seal” set on you by the third dimension world and by those who have been at the helm of it for centuries.

Therefore, my dear, invoke this energy as often as possible and ask for its help even in your routine everyday issues.

You will see the way your life will change.

You will be CREATING in large and small.

Any trifle will turn into a creative thing to you, into joy and self-expression.

You will forget about the very notion of routine, boredom, chores.

From now on your life will be full of bright colours, exciting ideas that sometimes will be unexpected even for you yourselves.

And these ideas will come true to life amazingly easily since they will be initiated by your Soul and, consequently, all the Higher Powers will give you a helping hand.

So, from now on, let Joy and unceasing Creativity become your main companions on the way.

I bless you, my dear, and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 11, 2020.

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