WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Those stuck in net)

window-on-new-world-those-stuck-in-netGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about children whom threats lie in wait for at every turn.

And one of the main of them is the internet that for many people has turned into “a drug” indeed.

It has become almost impossible for many parents to limit their child’s usage of the computer or phone since even education is arranged the way one almost cannot do without these electronic devices.

Of course, all this was done not by chance.

The main goal of the deep state was to get children out of parents’ influence who mostly stick to traditional views on upbringing and education.

And only after mass introduction of computerization the Dragon reptiles have eventually succeeded in this.

At present it has become very hard for parents to trace what their child lives by and is busy with having got in the world of the internet head over heels.

It is especially true about teenagers, well, it is this age that is a crucial one and determines one’s worldview for the rest of one’s life.

And in this case their “freedom” shows in their choice what to watch in the internet.

But most often their choice is not free though and depends on a lot of factors: advertisement, parents’ and teachers’, friends’ and acquaintances’ opinion and sometimes even a talk of strangers that they overheard.

Sometimes your children plunge in the world so alien to them that their psyche gets affected and their behaviour changes drastically.

Just imagine what happens in the head of a teenager who has found themselves at the pornographic website of the lowest quality and such websites are at open access and no one can protect their child from this!

And what will happen to their psyche if they all of a sudden come across a website that propagandizes same-sex marriages and encourages teenagers to change their sexual identity?

Well, this is exactly what now makes the essence of children’s literature, cartoons and even toys of the latest generation.

Everything has changed so swiftly that many parents have failed to trace the horrible changes in once good and innocent children’s books and films.

Have you ever thought why all of a sudden warmhearted live human communication has been taken over by “electronic” one so quickly?

It is the latter one that has become normal now having deprived one of a live voice, warm look, spiritual contact with an interlocutor.

Generally speaking, a natural energy exchange that people are in such need of has attained quite different qualities: it has become not direct but indirect – through cold and soulless electronic gadgets.

Even by far the sweetest words that were sent to one by e-mail or as a text on a mobile phone will not gain an advantage of what is said when people are next to each other.

Valid communication occurs only when people look into each other’s eyes, when their hands touch, when they exchange smiles or consolidate their thoughts and emotions by facial expression and gestures.

This is the only way people can truly feel each other.

And this is the invaluable gift of humans that your children are deprived of now many of whom live their life completely having plunged into their mobiles and taking no notice of what is going on around.

Well, this is the very depersonalization and dehumanization that so many of my messages have already said about.

This way people are being made accustomed to artificial intelligence that is waiting in the wings and bursting “to be on”.

And as long as the generation of the people who still remember the “pre-electronic” life is still alive, it is possible to teach your children the art of real human communication that grants people with so much love and affection.

And next time we will talk about this in more detail.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 2, 2023.

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  1. Sarah Wikner says:

    Thank you dear Marta. It gives me an idea to organize my courses at university level even more in small groups talking and exchanging and communicating with each others. I can see that they very much appreciate it.


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