WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Generation of new society developers)

window-on-new-world-generation-of-new-society-developersGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk with you about children in the period transitional from the fourth to the Fifth dimension.

Why do I return to the issue of children over and over again?

The main reason is that it is them who are to develop a new society on the Earth of the Fifth dimension and for this to happen as soon and painlessly as possible it is necessary to rearrange all the system of their upbringing and education urgently.

Children’s conscience is very flexible and extremely susceptible to the influence from without.

It is well known to the representatives of the deep state that is why they are in such a hurry to implement their programme on depersonalization and corruption of morals starting from a very young age.

The things that are now in progress in children’s establishments in many countries of the world are a crime in respect of little ones indeed.

Such things were hardly possible to imagine just not long ago, were they?

But it happened and mostly due to the fact that grown-ups let themselves be led by a group of criminals mindlessly and obediently executing all their absurd orders and especially at the period of “pandemic” that was imposed on humanity.

Remember the proverb: “Give him a little finger and he will snatch the whole body”.

So, the overwhelming majority of your planet’s population has not only “given a little finger” to the authorities’ representatives but also the whole body of theirs, the one that, thanks to the so-called vaccines having been introduced into it, globalists can now dispose of at their discretion.

It is this slavery obedience that inspired the Dragon reptiles and their marionettes at the helm for further “feats”.

Having brought grown-ups under total control, they got down to children with redoubled energy.

Beside an incredible number of compulsory “vaccinations” that are fraught with physical and moral health threats of a little person, these NONhumans are trying to change over children’s conscience completely with all the means available to them perverting their worldview by imposing behaviour and mentality norms unnatural to humans.

Therefore, the top priority task for every wise person should become rescue of children and not only of their own ones but those whose parents have not realized the danger to a full extent yet, the one that awaits their child at every turn.

So as to protect children from pernicious influence of moral perverts it is necessary to start parents’ councils that look closely into educational programmes of children in kindergartens and schools.

Unfortunately, now it is impossible to trust teachers and nurses that are not free in their actions.

A lot of them so as not to lose job come to terms with their conscience obeying their bosses who for these or those reasons are afraid of disobeying their superiors in their turn.

It is from above that all absurd and criminal orders run that “produce metastases” into every official establishment of education and upbringing.

At present general education programmes in most countries of the world are adopted at the governmental level that, as you already know, is overwhelmed by corruption and esprit de corps.

The representatives of the deep state being perfectly aware of the importance of upbringing and education of future generations “carefully” have put their boys at all the key posts of the related ministries and departments.

And all this is taking place so swiftly that people have no time to realize the scale of the things done by these criminals and a lot of parents are still unaware of what is going on at schools and kindergartens.

Therefore, my dear, you are to open their eyes to what they are going to teach your children and it is great that now there are already a lot of evidence and examples of things included into educational programmes.

And close attention should be brought to transgender and sexual perversions they feature, up till pedophilia that these NONhumans are trying tooth and nail to make legal.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 1, 2023.

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