WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Blessed with Love)

window-on-new-world-blessed-with-loveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message today we will talk about the way you can control the negative emotions in respect of your vaccinated environment and “melt” them into positive or, at least, into neutral ones, which will help you maintain energy purity while communicating with these people.

So, if you have happened to detect in yourselves such emotions as fear, feeling of superiority, pity or even, maybe, aggression or annoyance – in a word, anything that conveys low vibrations, you should get rid of them as soon as possible until they settle in your subconscience.

What should you do for this?

Before getting down to energy practices, try to work on this problem mentally so as to neutralize the cause of your negative emotions.

For example, if you feel fear of getting infected from the vaccinated, remember that the main protection from this is exactly getting rid of fear, which immediately increases your vibrations.

If you find the feeling of superiority or pity in yourselves, remember that every person is the Creator’s particle, equal to you in anything, despite the fact that this person has chosen another road that is opposite to yours. But it is their choice and their destiny that you have no right to judge, let alone interfere with them.

This way you can work on every emotion detected in yourselves considering it from the point of view of the Laws of the Universe that you already know very well.

And only after you have been through with theory, you can move to practice.

We will divide it into two parts.

The first one will be designed for interaction with someone from your immediate environment, especially if you have to communicate with them at home or at work.

And the other one – more general – is the one you can use while in the crowd, with a lot of vaccinated people being there at present.

Both of them are working ones and do not require a deep meditative state.

We will call the first practice “Blessed with Love”.

It can turn out really efficient in terms of your close people who you love sincerely but who, despite all your efforts, you could not rescue from vaccination.

As often as possible, and especially during an immediate contact with them, activate your Crystal of Love and as soon as you feel warm and gentle Unconditional Love waves that are running out of it, cloak this person with them in thoughts blessing them for living through the vaccination aftereffects as painlessly and mildly as possible.

This way you will not only secure yourselves against this person but will help them increase their vibrations too, which will make a beneficial impact on the way they feel and allow them to remain themselves as long as possible resisting the effect of the “vaccine” on them.

Believe me, my dear, this simple but really effective practice will help you co-exist with your vaccinated nearest and dearest peacefully not experiencing spiritual or physical discomfort.

I bless you and deeply love you!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 24, 2023.

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