LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Unconscious reactions)

life-on-new-earth-unconscious-reactionsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my previous message to be continued, today we will talk about the way you can check the results of your work on alien energies and programmes deliverance.

First of all, of course, by your reaction to the people and events taking place around you.

Yet, my dear, it is of huge importance to track the very first reaction – the very unintentional impulse that triggers all the chain of your thoughts and emotions that follow.

Why is it so essential?

Because this is what makes the difference between conscious and unconscious reality perception.

One who is striving to advance spiritually having caught oneself at one’s thought or emotion featuring negative character, starts working at one’s improvement dissolving the negative things that arouse in one’s conscience and, consequently, in one’s subtle bodies.

And this is wonderful. It is conscious perception of reality though.

But we are striving for your unconscious reactions to advance to another spiritual level too this time.

And this can happen only if you completely purify your subconscience from dual programmes of the third dimension world.

Of course, my dear, it is extremely hard to remain an imperturbable “Buddha” amidst the world overwhelmed by chaos and see your relatives and friends being involved into this mass insanity.

But this is exactly the experience your ancient Soul has chosen, otherwise, you would not have come to Earth during the period so crucial for her.

And you should travel this road up till the end and not let your courageous Soul down while fulfilling the mission it has assumed.

Well, let us move on to practical issues.

Suppose, you think you have ultimately worked through all the fears having removed them from your subconscience.

And you will face the confirmation or, the other way round, the confutation of this at every turn.

Monitor your reaction to any news unexpected for you – no matter if it concerns your relatives, your country, the world or situation at work…

Carefully follow your Mind’s behaviour, that of your body and Soul – their immediate unconscious reactions.

Well, your Mind can start throwing in worst-case scenarios right away and your body shrinking with fear of the unknown but your Soul will start giving you different clues.

All this can happen simultaneously.

And your task is to immediately switch over to what is to your liking.

From the Divine point of view, most important is your subtle tuning that in any case of emergency automatically connects you with your Soul.

It is this thing that can lead your conscience and, consequently, emotions and actions the required way: bring your emotional condition to a balance and trigger the chain of not dual but Divine emanations this time.

For this purpose you should train yourselves to concentrate your Mind in the Heart – in your Crystal of Love that by means of your Soul is connected with other Divine aspects of yours.

Thereby you will get linked to the Supreme Intelligence and your actions at all the levels of existence will feature not duality but unipolarity of high dimensions.

And this is quite within your depth if you set such a goal and persistently work in this direction.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 16, 2021.

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