exceptions-to-rulesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to touch upon the issue that, as I know, many of you are concerned about.

And we will talk about vaccination again.

More and more of your close people, friends and acquaintances take courage to undergo this manipulation, which deeply hurts you.

I understand, my dear, that it is very hard to keep calm and indifferent to this situation especially when you know that you have done your best to prevent your nearest and dearest from making such a mindless step.

But today we will talk about exceptional circumstances that in case of some people take the course that makes it impossible for them to avoid vaccination.

The reasons can be various, and we will not focus on them but will speak about the future of such people.

Well, we will start with the fact that there is huge difference between those who gave way to the herd feeling and being seized with fear VOLUNTARILY brought themselves to this manipulation knowing the possible negative aftereffects of the vaccination that even the official media cannot conceal and those who had to do it due to circumstances.

The aftereffects of the vaccination for these people can vary depending on the level of their conscience and vibrations.

Among them there is a thin layer of those who made up their mind to agree to this so as to go on helping others.

They found themselves in the circumstances that without being vaccinated they would have lost the opportunity to do this.

It can be doctors, teachers, social workers in the countries where official authorities do not allow them to work without being vaccinated.

It is equivalent to being physically forced to accept the vaccine.

And if it is a really pure, light and ancient Soul that would never voluntarily agree to this, the Higher Powers will do their best to save it from destruction.

The destiny of such an individual is decided at the subtle level by the “higher authority” that takes into consideration a lot of factors the main of which are the following: the circumstances one found oneself in, if one’s free will was violated, what one’s Soul’s tasks are and what one’s spiritual potential is.

By far and large, what is under consideration is the degree of one’s value to society and the process of Transition in general.

If this person has already switched over to Service or is potentially ready for this, the Higher Powers can neutralize the mechanism of human gene modification featured by the vaccine, as well as the nanoparticles that catalyze the external influence on human conscience.

And there are already single instances like this.

But it is essential that the person themselves takes part in this process being totally aware of the things happening to them.

The main thing for them is not to be scared but completely trust the Higher Powers and sincerely believe in their own abilities for changing reality.

Yet, my dear, you should have a clear idea that such opportunity is granted to few people because the majority of people accept the vaccine exceptionally out of the fear for their life being tied to the chariot of absurd and inhumane instructions of the authorities.

This is the manifestation of their free will and at the same time the reflection of the level of their conscience.

And in this case no one can interfere with their choice and neutralize the vaccine aftereffects.

So, do everything possible to avoid this manipulation fateful for you seeing through all the subterfuge of those who contrived this pseudo pandemic.

It is already quite soon that this global theatrical performance arranged by a group of criminals will finish, and you will start developing a new society on the renewed Earth.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 25, 2021.

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