LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Archangel Raphael)

life-on-new-earth-archangel-raphaelGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the Archangel Raphael.

His Service to humanity is in healing their souls and bodies.

What way does it happen and why is it important not to separate the two components of healing: soul and body?

You are already well aware that any disease results from unbalanced inner state of an individual.

At first, as a result of emotional overload of negative character one’s Soul gets ill, and then one’s body gets the blow.

It is reflected in your language too: “be sick at heart”, “heart aches”, “heavy heart”.

This is exactly the state that is the precursor of this or that disease – physical disorder.

Depending on the type and the part of human energy field negative energy accumulates, this or that organ fails or the work of some of vital functions gets interfered.

And sometimes emotionally unbalanced person can provoke several diseases at a time.

Most often being unconscious of all the cause-effect chain of the events one finds oneself in, one starts healing one’s body neglecting the Soul.

And at this point one is supported by the Archangel Raphael whose task is exactly in drawing one’s attention to the Soul, making one review one’s life and understanding the underlying reasons of one’s disease.

The healing of the Archangel Raphael can rather be called spiritual, for he can actually help only those who have realized the things resulted in sufferings of the body.

Each of you is likely to find a lot of examples both in your own life and in those of your acquaintances when literally bedridden people completely reappraised their whole life and changed their priorities sometimes for the opposite ones.

And then there happened miracle recovery from incurable diseases in some cases and it was followed by one’s spiritual revival – one’s second birth indeed after which one drastically changed one’s life style and made quite different things their top priorities – of spiritual, not material character.

While if one persisted in one’s inveterate opinions and went on generating negative energies of all kinds, there was no recovery, no matter how long one invoked the Light Forces for help.

In such cases neither the Archangel Raphael nor other Ascended Masters were able to reach one in terms of vibrations and hear the call for help.

Therefore the expression “Heal your Soul first” is the key to the healing of the body.

Only after the transformation of negative energy to positive one you can trigger the process of your body’s healing.

And in this case one is really assisted by all the Higher Powers of the Universe and, first of all, by the Archangel Raphael whose role is to screen the Soul state of the ill.

If he sees that the Soul of an ill person is reviving, he sends them enormous flows of the Divine energy of Love – the most salutary in the Universe.

Yet, it is up to an individual to choose whether to accept it or not.

The Archangel Raphael can just give you a “helping hand” but he cannot do the work of your Soul for you.

And due to this example I would like you to see once again how one of the main Laws of the Universe works – the Law of the Free Will.

Therefore, before you invoke the Archangel Raphael, listen intently to your Soul and your inner feelings: see if you are ready to learn the truth in the raw and understand the causes of your disease at the deep level, if you can change reviewing your attitude to life and the people around you.

If so, the Archangel Raphael will be glad to help you heal your Soul and body.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 3, 2020.

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