transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-earth-element-and-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, I will begin my story with Earth Element.

What is the energy mechanism of its interaction with man?

When people and Earth lived in unified energy space of Love, they lived in complete harmony with each other.

The climate was mild and comfortable for living. Earth fed people with its gifts, and in return they gave it their love and gratitude.

In those days, the only way people addressed Earth was Mother Earth or Beautiful Earth…

They arranged celebrations in honor of it, referring to it as the supreme reasonable being.

It was close, dear, lively, generous and fertile for them.

But the farther man descended lower and lower into a third dimension world, where the energies of duality dominated, the more rapidly the relationship between man and Earth began to change.

In this world, it was the human Ego that prevailed and placed itself above all other living beings on Earth, including Earth itself.

The extraneous energies of duality hurt Earth Element painfully.

They gradually settled on its subtle bodies and, descending lower and lower, polluted its etheric body increasingly, just as it happens with a person obsessed with low passions.

But in this case, all evil came from outside since the Element of Earth itself is Divine and pure.

So, gradually the pain of the etheric layer of Earth began to descend to its physical body and began to destroy it from inside.

With the advent of “advanced” technologies on your planet, the sufferings of Earth have become unbearable.

People began to ruthlessly exploit it, poison it with chemicals, blow up its surface in order to extract minerals, fill it with tons of industrial waste.

And in order to somehow protect itself, it had to resist – both at the physical and energy levels.

At the physical level this manifested itself as depletion of the soil and crop failures, earthquakes and landslides, and at the energy level – the same energies of suffering that they sent to it returned to people.

Sometimes people did not understand why they were punished by Mother Earth because, as it seemed to them, they themselves did not cause it any harm.

But, as I already said in my previous message, Earth Element is one organism that encompasses with its energy field your entire planet, therefore its disease caused by the cruel and barbaric attitude of man towards it can manifest itself in any of its “organs” – anywhere in the world.

And until people realize their responsibility, not only for themselves, their family, their city, their country, but FOR THE WHOLE EARTH as one, Earth Element will suffer itself and cause sufferings to millions of people.

And this happens not because of its cruelty, but only because the Laws of the Universe work this way.

No wonder that even your most widespread saying “As you sow you shall mow” is connected with Mother Earth, but the meaning in this case is much wider and deeper: as you feel about Element of Earth, the same you will receive from it in response.

Always remember this, my dear ones!

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 7 July, 2019

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