transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-water-element-and-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And now let’s talk about the Element of Water – about your energy interaction with it.

The Element of Water lives in each of you since it is the main component of your body, which means that your interaction with it occurs most closely.

My messages have repeatedly said about your effect on water and that depending on the energies a person imbues it with, its molecular composition changes: you can either poison it or make it holy with your mental and emotional messages.

But now we will focus on energy impact water has on you.

And here there are a lot of surprises for you in store, since until now people did not know how subtle and irreversible are processes occurring in water saturated with low vibration energies.

Firstly, every time you generate low vibrational energies outside, that part of Water Element that lives in your body changes its composition, which means the subtle bodies of the entire Water Element get flawed.

And now imagine the billions of inhabitants of Earth living in a dual world where negative emotions have become the norm of life and for some people – a way of being.

The energy body of Water Element has already been “wounded” so much that it continues to exist only due to the “islands” of human spiritual purity that have been preserved on Earth — internal and external.

Internal purity implies the prevalence of Love energy in a person, and external purity means a regard for water resources.

What happens to rivers, lakes, seas and oceans near large cities, can be called but barbarism.

Not knowing what they are doing, people become a suicide because depriving themselves of clean sources of drinking water they doom themselves to an inevitable and painful death.

Most people do not think about it. It seems to them that the water reserves of Earth are inexhaustible.

In fact, the critical mass of negative emotions emitted by people in combination with the ruthless pollution of earth’s water bodies has long threatened to cross the line of no return.

And Water Element, having rebelled, begins to protest at the physical level, which is happening everywhere now.

Sick and wounded, it pours out onto Earth with torrential rains, resulting in flooding, causing tsunamis that sweep away everything in their way.

It covers Earth with snow and hail, sometimes quite unexpectedly in terms of place and time of year.

And this all happens for the same reason: Water Element knows no boundaries – neither spatial nor temporal.

It spreads out upon the whole Earth, all its inhabitants.

And therefore, its illness, caused by people themselves in their selfishness and low passions, can spill out anywhere on your planet.

The law of the “boomerang” will not spare anyone, no matter how inexplicably and unfair it may look from the point of view of a layman.

And only boundless Love and Gratitude of people to the Element of Water can cure this terrible disease that has gripped it, and the manifestations of which you are observing now all over your planet.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on 7 July, 2019

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