WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Intergalactic language)

window-on-new-world-intergalactic-languageGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about the way the representatives of different civilizations of your Galaxy communicate with each other.

The inhabitants of the Fifth dimension and higher possess the ability of telepathic communication that is why they “talk” without words by means of scanning information energy “packages”.

Yet, there is some kind of intergalactic language too.

It vaguely resembles the language of Esperanto artificially created on Earth that is based on the words loaned from different language groups.

But unlike the earthly language, the intergalactic one includes mostly not words but notions.

It relies on the very energy information packages presented as certain sounds this time, which is the material manifestation of telepathic communication.

There is something like this on Earth too, but it is exclamations rather than words that are clear to everyone.

They can convey surprise, delight, fear, approval, censure, threat.

The same applies to gestures too – hand “talk”.

It is this way of communication that is, as a rule, resorted to by the people speaking different languages so as to make themselves understood at least minimally.

So as to get the idea of intergalactic “esperanto”, imagine that their “exclamations” convey not only emotional but also sense component – the very energy information package that was spoken about above.

This language was not made by anyone. It has arisen naturally as a result of telepathic communication of high vibration civilizations representatives.

There was not even an urgent necessity in it for direct contacts of high dimensions inhabitants.

And it is generally referred to when it is required to “commit in writing” something important or a jointly made decision.

To some extent it can be called clerical language that is used at joint sittings of Galaxy councils and federations.

This language can be extremely rarely heard as a spoken one, except perhaps during the talks in the time of military operations or for clear orders given to the groups including the representatives of different civilizations to avoid misunderstanding.

The thing that is passed for the aliens’ language by some channelers is nothing but the tricks of the lower astral beings.

And you can easily scan it by their energies of very low vibrations.

Galactic “esperanto” is not taught at school.

It is easy to understand for every inhabitant of high dimensions since it is based on the vibration sense component – the same as the one that makes the basis for telepathic communication.

This language will be clear to you too, my dear, as soon as you get used to the world of the Fifth dimension and get to the open of the communication with your Galaxy brothers and sisters.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 2, 2023.

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  1. Wooof says:

    I want to leave this message to Father Absolute and Marta, as I am sure the messages are not frequent. You send us so much beauty, clear explanation, deep intelligence, perfect language and we measure how much Work and Love it requires, years after years. We receive you as a fire in a fireplace which warms and illuminates us. We feel less alone.
    Here all is commercial, sales, transactions, threats, lies, judgements. But what can’t be bought has the highest value. Thank you so much.


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