new-round-of-confrontationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the things that await you in coming months.

With autumn approaching, when a lot of people come back from holiday and vocations, globalists are planning to become more active in intimidating of the planet’s population making use of their methods well-tried in many countries of the world.

They have now new strains of viruses at call as well as “reliable” vaccines that were developed against them.

What is more, there is a whole staff of officials in medicine and doctors who have been “lured” and who will open a new round of vaccination all across the globe at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately, the majority of already vaccinated people will submissively obey these demands and not only because they are frightened with a new “hazard” but also as a result of their conscience being controlled by means of the chips that were introduced into their bodies with previously taken vaccines.

Therefore, you are the only hope, my dear.

You are to take one more blow for the part of globalists – more powerful than the previous one since it is their last desperate attempt to implement their plan on total enslavement of humanity.

And now it is essential to unite the efforts of those who are working behind the scenes and those working in the public sphere.

Since with every single day there appear more and more facts of the world government’s crimes that are impossible to conceal, your work is becoming a little easier.

Moreover, in recent months there have appeared a lot of people who begin to understand that it is those who have been scoffed at and called conspiracy theorists that have actually turned out realists who are trying  to open others’ eyes to what is in progress on the planet, as a matter of fact.

And now the stratification among people in terms of vibrations and views on current events will be huge.

The end of this year and next year will turn into some kind of an exam for each inhabitant of Earth, the one in ability to protect their right for life.

And this time it is not an exaggeration but present-day reality.

In my messages it has been said more than once that the Forces of Light can join in Earthlings’ matters only after they themselves have exhausted all their abilities while struggling against the Dragon reptiles and their henchmen at the helm.

That is why now you have to make as much efforts on assertion of both your own interests and those of the whole humanity as possible.

And next time we will talk about this in more details.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 30, 2023.

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