LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Constructive and destructive criticism)

life-on-new-earth-constructive-and-destructive-criticismGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to talk to you about the difference between constructive criticism and destructive one.

Nowadays, when you receive a lot of shocking information it is essential to behave in the right manner so as to keep your vibrations at the level necessary for Transition.

Of course, for the third dimension world person it is impossible to remain indifferent and not to speak out their critical attitude towards the ones who have led humanity to a dead end having manipulated human conscience for many years and at the same time concealing their own horrible crimes.

And as long as it is getting more and more disclosed flowing out in the open of the internet and mass media, criticism and censure for the part of people will become increasingly vigourous.

And then it can gain the extent large enough to become really destructive both for those criticizing and for their family, too and, generally speaking, for collective human conscience and the planet as a whole.

All of you are well aware of the strength featured by negative energies but when “righteous anger” seizes millions of people it turns out to be disastrous.

At the physical level this anger will turn into diseases for people who accumulate it in themselves and at the subtle one – into sufferings for your Earth that is attacked most severely by the negative energies of fear, hatred and aggression generated by people.

It can result in sharp vibrations decrease of both people and your planet.

And this is exactly what reptiloids and those of their ilk are striving for.

Therefore, even their own crimes disclosure will work in their favour and will help them reach the desired goal: keep Earth and human conscience in the energies of the dual world.

So, my dear, what can you do and how can you react to the current events for your own benefit and for the benefit of Earth?

There is only one way out: to transform destructive criticism into constructive one.

And the first step towards this can become your energy protection not only from any information of negative character but from the critical attitude to it for the part of the people around.

Secondly, by no means should you get involved into the discussion of sensational news that will be growing in number with every single day but at the same time you should keep informed about the current events.

And thirdly, you should do your best to leave the zone of shocking information influence on you since “relishing” the details you unintentionally imbue these events with your energy instead of depriving them of strength.

And in my next messages I will dwell on each of these points so that you learn to direct the energy of criticism the constructive way thereby purifying it from negative energies and turning it into a tool for new society development.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July24, 2020.

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