human-collective-conscience-transformationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like you to glimpse the interplay of the worlds and tell you what has happened recently at the subtle level of Earth.

The highlight of the previous months is the transformation of the human collective conscience.

At the physical plane it is hardly noticeable, though, but at the subtle one this sacred process gains in speed with every single day.

Just as a disease caused by negative thoughts and emotions comes into being first in the subtle bodies of a human gradually descending into their etheric and physical ones, so the recovery is also triggered by the subtle plane changes when one transforms one’s 3D conscience into the Divine one.

But it is not conscience of a single individual that is being spoken about but that of the whole mankind.

Having descended in the 3D world of low frequency vibrations it has long suffered from numerous disorders – physical and mental ones because of the loss of its Divine component.

And now the Divine component is coming back to the mankind due to the unceasing Love and Light flows flooding the planet.

Why am I speaking about the human collective conscience?

The thing is, my dear ones, that subconsciously all of you are quite aware of being a unity.

But the current state of events on Earth can be called a mass collective madness when people act in a totally untypical way both at the interpersonal, national and international scale.

The cause of this “madness” is well known to you.

It is the alien invasion of the Dragon civilization hostile to you who enslaved the human conscience and started manipulating it essentially putting humans in submission.

Unfortunately, man could not confront this evil but now there has come the time of the recovery after a long and exhausting disease “dual way of thinking” by name.

As soon as the cause of the disease was the altered state of the collective conscience that became evident at the physical level in the form of human sufferings who hurt and kill each other physically and morally, the cure of their collective conscience can also come from nowhere but the subtle level of Earth.

All the Higher Powers of the Universe and your Galaxy Family have worked hard day and night in order to change the vibration frequency of Earth for the long-awaited Light energy advantage to occur, which will enable the mankind to come back to their Divine origin fundamentals.

The process has reached its long-awaited turning point in the collective conscience of all mankind and not in single ancient and light souls’ conscience.

Here are the features for you to identify this.

First. Humans refuse to put up with the slavery conditions of life being submitted to the cluster of people ruling the world in their own manner.

Their souls refuse to accept this because their underlying memory reminds them of their origin.

Second. Self-cleansing process of Earth goes on at an ever-increasing rate and encourages the awareness about the fact that the only way to make the survival possible is to get united leaving in the past selfish ambitions and international conflicts.

Third. An enormous amount of people on Earth put spiritual values before material ones and this phenomenon is getting more and more common.

That is why, my dear ones, quite soon you will see the consequences of the transformed Human Collective Conscience at the physical level as well.

I bless you and love without measure!

Father- Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on December 12, 2018

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