WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (No status or subordination communication)

window-on-new-world-no-status-or-subordination-communicationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now when we have dwelled on the influence of natural elements on human communication, I would like to come back to the issue of one’s social status in the fourth dimension.

As a matter of fact, all these things are closely interconnected, and the reason is as follows.

In the third dimension world social status bears this or that energy load that is externally expressed in a certain manner of communication between people.

This is how it has been from times immemorial and people have got used to it.

For example, state and religious figures, officials and managers of all kinds are accustomed to an imperious or condescending tone in respect of their subordinates.

And the latter in their turn are used to servility and most often address the former in a pleading manner.

And, of course, such kind of interaction by no means can be called balanced or harmonious.

Not everyone is to get rid of these century-old traditions and division of people into superior and inferior.

The very definition itself conveys the energies of separation and contraposition.

And while in the dual world it has already turned into some kind of a constant, in the worlds of high vibrations such relations are not just impermissible but also impossible due to the high vibration energy holding sway over there.

A lot of people understand it, yet, in the esoteric circles too, that seemingly go beyond the metes and bounds of the material world, this duality remains as division of people into teachers and students, gurus and their followers, spiritually advanced and beginners, revived and those in dormancy…

As a result, relationships within such groups feature all the traits of the third dimension world, all its impairments and flaws and, consequently, low vibrations.

One social status in the worlds of the fourth and Fifth dimensions erase these distinctions.

And it happens thanks to that human communication is based on quite different energies – high vibration ones, with the natural elements in your energy space and physical body being balanced and harmonized.

I told you about this in such details, my dear, so that already now you are making the time closer when all of you become one and equal despite your present social status.

And let my elucidations, as well as the practice Taming of elements help you in this and advance your communication with other people to a new level worth of the fourth dimension man.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 17, 2022.

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