WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Beams of Unconditional Love)

window-on-new-world-beams-of-unconditional-loveGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way you can learn to live in the Energy of Unconditional Love all the time, which will form your new fourth dimension conscience and will eradicate the subconscious reactions of the third dimension world.

As you have already understood from my previous messages, even such a sacred notion as Unconditional Love is being skillfully manipulated by those for whom this energy is of great danger.

We have already talked a lot with you about the fact that the main source of nourishment for all low vibration creatures embodied as humans is low vibration energy that is why they try to provoke all kinds of negative human emotions.

Yet now, when you not just know about this but witness this both in terms of yourselves and those of your family, friends and acquaintances, it is time to stop nourishing these creatures on their usual “food”.

And for this you should not only surround yourselves with this all-mighty energy of the highest vibrations in the Universe but also try to spread it as far around yourselves as possible.

To do so, you were offered a lot of practices but now we have reached with you a new stage of work with this energy.

Since in recent months not only Earth’s vibrations have increased considerably but yours as well, which many of you have already noticed, the new energies’ impact on reptiloids and those of their elk has intensified manifold.

This is the reason why the chaos in political, financial, economic and social life of almost all the countries of the world on all the continents has increased.

From the energy point of view everything is explained quite simply: the higher Earth’s and people’s vibrations are, the more dangerous they become for the ruling top and their marionettes who are literally choking in this Divine purity.

That is why now, my dear, you have to become reliable anchors who keep the Energy of Unconditional Love on Earth so as to prevent your planet’s conquerors from “dispersing” it by intimidating people with frightening information of all kinds.

Start with not keeping the conversations on the issues that arouse negative human emotions going.

Always find something positive that your life features anyway and focus attention only on this thereby not allowing into your energy space the information of low vibrations and protecting the people around you from it.

Besides, I would like to offer you an easy but extremely efficient practice that we will call “Beams of Unconditional Love”.

Invoke the Universe Energy of Unconditional Love for this and ask it to make your Crystal of Love as activated as possible.

Feel it getting gradually hot like the Sun that is rising over the horizon…

Each its “beam” conveys a charge of Love of incredible power…

It can warm with itself all the pure human souls that you come across on the way thereby increasing their vibrations as much as possible…

But at the same time this “Sun” can “burn down” with its beams all the “darkness” – all low energies that are generated by the low vibration creatures and bring people pain and sorrow.

And let your Crystal of Love turn into an inextinguishable source of the Universe Energy of Unconditional Love from now on that sustains pure human souls and expels everything dark and outdated from your planet.

Try to keep this flaming Divine Fire in your breast preventing it from going out.

Become this Love itself, which will advance you to another level of existence facilitating your firm fixing in the space of the fourth dimension and starting confident moving forward – to the world of the Fifth one.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 24, 2022.

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