when-fraud-will-be-disclosedGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and talk about how mass protests taking place in many countries of the world influence the current situation on Earth.

I see that for many of you it seems they do not bring the desired effect since restrictive measures for the side of the ruling top are just getting toughened.

It is actually not true.

People’s protests do not simply frighten the governments of these countries – they make them panic because they understand that globalists’ plans are falling apart at the seams and that it is field employees for these plans’ implementation who will have to answer for their criminal actions before the nation.

Those who pushed them into this will remain in the shadow, while the atonement will overcome those in the public eye: the ones who gave orders, spoke on TV and criticized those who disagree.

But having a feeling of the impending catastrophe, immediate executors are becoming still more aggressive as they are perfectly aware that confessing their mistakes cannot mitigate their lot this time: too horrible are the consequences of the injections fatal for humans they promote.

What frightens them most is the moment when the fraud will be disclosed and it is already in progress all across the globe and only those deep in dormancy cannot notice this.

These marionettes of the world government keep afloat just thanks to the fact that all the mass media are still in their grip.

But as soon as alternative trustworthy sources of information appear, the truth like a powerful stream will gush out being fortified by irrefutable facts and proofs.

Now on Earth there are two parallel realities that are to cross soon anyway because the “degree” of lie in the mainstream media has reached its maximum.

Being aware they have nothing left to lose now, the executives at all the levels of power decided to stake everything trying to stifle the growing discontent of the society by force making use of all the facilities at hand: physical, moral and financial.

But, as you can see, the result appears to be just the opposite: more and more people start to revive and feel being deceived.

It is quite soon now when mass people’s disorders will sweep away all the absurd restrictions and the “salutary vaccines” imposed by force.

And it will be the very victory that was spoken about in my recent message.

People will win over freedom with their OWN strengths by realizing the current events and understanding who are at the helm right now and what actual goals of these “rulers” are.

Unfortunately, mass revival will not occur though, but the best part of humanity will manage to defend their freedom and stop the criminal activities of the deep state.

And I am happy that many of you will find themselves among these brave people who did not yield to the menace and provocations for the side of the ruling top.

Your Unity and Solidarity will work a miracle and believe me, my dear, your victory is close now.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 7, 2021.

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