Father, please, tell about what actually is happening on the territory of Ukraine now.


Now globalists have resorted to the thing they have saved for the rainy day – the so-called war under false flag.

When the disclosure of their criminal activity has reached its final stage and revival of huge number of people has become now impossible to stop, they turned to extreme measures trying to “lay their own fault at somebody else’s door”.

Taking advantage of the fact that all the mainstream media are still in their grip they decided to literally “fire” at all the world with false news of most disgusting kind having blamed Russia for unleashing war.

They have nothing to lose now since arrests are being made all across the globe and those they used to consider untouchable are one by one persecuted, with punishment inevitably to follow.

The events taking place in Ukraine now are the apogee of the information war that globalists are so proficient in.

Yet, they have gone even further than that having launched provocative military operations on the territory of Ukraine so as to blame it on Russia and hopefully thinking people will not believe that the authorities start war against their own citizens.

I understand, my dear, how hard it is for you to accept and realize what occurs in this unhappy country that has become small change in hands of globalists.

But everything should reach its logical end so as to disclose the animal essence of those who have been controlling your planet for so long.

People of pure conscience will be able to sort out what is going on, while those who are totally zombified and take for gospel everything communicated from TV screens will not be able to break free from the trap of the third dimensionality, and it is their own choice.

Stay calm and believe it is the last agony of the Dark Forces that will result in their ultimate defeat.

The “abscess has matured” and must burst open. Which is the case all over Earth now.

The world has split into two parts, and with the course of time the gap between the revived people and those fast asleep will get larger and larger.

It is an unavoidable process, and you should be prepared for this.

Each Soul will be attracted to the world it has managed to grow to therefore it is important to get concentrated on oneself not being involved into the chaos artificially created on Earth that is aimed at pushing into an abyss as many pure and light human souls as possible.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 24, 2022.

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