transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-twin-flames-on-earthGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we move on to the discussion of the energy interaction between Twin flames.

And we will start with the rare cases when they incarnate at the same time at the same place and, consequently, at the same vibration level, for example, on Earth.

Unfortunately, even if this is the case, Twin flames hardly ever manage to meet at the physical level, let alone to create a family.

And there is a reason for that.

Being One Whole at the energy level, the feminine and masculine can manifest themselves in them in a different way though.

Really a lot depends on their life conditions, upbringing and education, as well as national, religious and family traditions.

Few of them succeed in overcoming social barriers, moreover, because of the fact that the true knowledge about their origin and mission are hidden from them they themselves make no efforts to break the well-established stereotypes of their life.

Sometimes intuitively they feel strong attraction to each other, recognize native energies but if each of them has their own family and children, they rarely take courage to ruin the household they got used to and hurt their families.

And only in rare cases of shared Service their destinies are stepped in by the Higher Powers of the Universe who create conditions for their convergence.

Thus, Twin flames’ couples unite for joint mission and, as a rule, they have information about who they are and what they are on Earth for revealed.

But even in the lucky case like this they have hard times since in terms of energy they are as close as to feel the minutest shades and every single “stroke” in one another’s thoughts and actions.

And any unbalanced state of one flame is immediately reflected in the other one.

At the energy level they are communicating vessels and feel all the mood swings, all thoughts and emotions of each other even being far away from one another.

There are some advantages and disadvantages in this.

The advantages are that they are really spiritually and physically close.

While the disadvantages are in their interdependence being too vividly expressed.

And since they are one another’s mirror as well, any disharmony manifestation in one flame affects the other one in a too painful way.

But this is exactly what allows them to see their weak points and all the drawbacks in the raw and, consequently, correct them in the shortest possible time.

As a rule, twin flames’ life is never simple or easy but it is always exciting, colourful and eventful.

It can be compared to playing a duet on the piano when after long rehearsals – characters “accommodation” – there appears splendid harmonious music of two soul’s halves – its male and female sides having merged into one.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 24, 2019.

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