TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Divine human nature perversion)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-divine-human-nature-perversionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the issue of sexual energy I still will touch upon the energy inside of different kinds of sexual perversions that in modern world have become enormous in scale.

It mostly concerns the so-called “democratic” countries where “unconventional” sexual relationships are not only treated with tolerance but they are almost being forced on people.

Why does it happen and who stands behind it?

Of course, there are those behind it who feeds on sexual energy of the lowest vibrations since their own energy structure is limited to three and in rare cases to four lower chakras.

With the best will in the world reptiloids cannot rise higher – to the Divine sexual relationships based on spiritual intimacy, that is, on the level of upper human chakras.

And since their well-expressed lower chakras constantly require feed as sexual energy, they try to vary it.

Thus, in human society, there appeared sexual perversions absolutely untypical of people.

Gradually not only reptiloids became liable to them but those people whose vibrations cannot raise higher than the third chakra any more.

Thereby, there was distorted Divine human nature in the sphere of man-woman relations as well.

So, what happens at the subtle level during same-sex intercourse between people?

Because of the fact that it contradicts natural process of gender relations not only of people but of all living beings on Earth, the energy profile of such relations gains artificial character untypical of them.

How is it expressed?

First of all, in unintentional outbursts of negative energy connected with the fact that these people’s souls (and even those of nonhumans) in any way protest to the actions of the ones they are embodied in.

And this discord of the body and the soul that is already characteristic of most third dimension people in this case is aggravated manifold taking hypertrophied forms.

This results in overall energy chaos in the subtle bodies of these people, which is expressed as excessive emotions both positive and negative.

One more reason why it is impossible for them to reach really harmonious relations is that their unnatural sexual desires are provoked and supplied solely by lower astral beings for whom the energy chaos featuring these people is a real feast and it is sexual energy that is of special value to them as it is one of the most powerful energies.

“Settling down” in the subtle bodies of these people the beings literally enslave their feelings and emotions provoking them for more “passions” and perversions of different kinds.

This is how pedophilia appeared – one of the gravest crimes that affected human society.

The lowest energies of aggression, fear, violence and pain grow into real monsters swallowing not only victims of violence bit also those producing these barbaric actions towards children.

Thus, little by little sexual energy that was designed to raise humans to the Divine height has turned into satanic games of high and mighty.

And now it has reached its apogee, for all these “masters of the world” are trying to force their perversions on people introducing into school curriculum special courses on sexual relations tolerance leading astray pure children’s souls and depriving them of opportunity to attain harmony in the sphere of that great importance which sexual relations between a man and a woman are.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 29, 2020.

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